Super HiFi: Dub To the bone

Does anyone of you know Brooklyn's "Underground Supergroup" and crowd puller called Great hi-fiwho have already been on tour with the skatelites? The band was founded in 2010 by bassist and singer Ezra Gale. The present debut "Dub To the bone“(Electric Cowbell Records) was created in 2012 and is still an extremely strange mixture of sounds. Great Hi-Fi's Jamaican influenced Dub, with two trombones, guitar, bass and drums is a very special sound and is still looking for its equal. The band themselves say about their music: "We in Super Hi-Fi are committed to going the extra mile to make art that stands out and lasts." That is why they publish their music (also) on records. Although this is much more expensive, the quintet stick to their way of working, also because records sound better and, in the opinion of the band, much warmer. In addition, LPs look a lot more - not to mention the durability. In the recording studio they experiment for a long time until the sound is 100% right. Super Hi-Fi doesn't want to compromise, the band is only satisfied with the optimal result. Everything is recorded analog on tape, because the musicians are also convinced of the better sound of the recordings with this method. Yes and ... .. which music can I expect now? Difficult undertaking: jazz to soft trombone sounds, rocking and cracking to plucked guitars, fat bass lines, rich drums and above all the spirit of King Tubby and Lee “Scratch” Perry hovers. Oh yes, Victor Rice and the Subatomic Sound System were also involved. All right?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Oh oh Ras Vorbei !

But now this is really a "difficult undertaking"!

Basically I just want to praise the band all day because they have such a great attitude towards production and
Archiving their music concerns. It may also be too difficult, if not impossible, to set their analog music to ones and zeros
to reduce it and get it across digitally. In any case, it doesn't sound like what you hear on Spotify, not necessarily to me
As an On-U.Sound addict, I'm used to "strange sound mixtures" and thanks to Adrian Sherwood, they expand to very fascinating ones
Way my music - or mine DubHorizon. But these riddims are mostly too bulky for me.
You yourself have already given the explanation why that sounds too bulky to me.
"Jazzy to soft trombone sounds, rocking, cracking to plucked guitars, fat ......" No! The bass lines are too rock for me
and make me stubborn.
That doesn't mean that I think the record is bad, but I don't like it that much. I would have to do my whole
other Dub - and getting tired of reggae tunes, so that I can get a day shape to which I do this Dubs then as
can enjoy a welcome change. Is a little bit like dark chocolate compared to nougat chocolate. Is both
Chocolate but the dark version is still a bit too bitter for me.

"I can´t breathe" ………………………………. lemmi

hi lemmi,

thank you for your (always) honest comment!
There we go again: it's all a matter of personal taste.

One, two, three
i love coffee
And lemmi loves tea ;-))

I would have another jazzydubto offer a good alternative to classic Christmas carols. As you know, Christmas comes as a surprise to most people every year. Therefore: Better to make provisions now. ;-)))
"Super Hi-Fi - Yule Analog Vol. 1 & Vol. 2"

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill were with their brilliant “Christmas In Dub“Not the first album.

High Ras

I only drink tea when I'm seriously ill. I am - if at all - also a coffee drinker. Since I otherwise despise tea and can't understand what's delicious about it, I had to mention it now. Hopefully this will not be perceived as rude by me. But I like to flirt with my abysmal aversion to tea.
I used to think that honesty was somehow important and I especially try to be honest with myself. But I'm afraid you’ll be the last to notice
when you lie to yourself. Taste rarely lies (but it can change from time to time).
And so you can already see in my comment on the Dub Read the Spencer Christmas disc, which I couldn't handle it either.
Nevertheless I still have to check the “Yule Analog Vol.1 / 2”, but there is still a while until Christmas ………….
I will prefer it now, though.

Perhaps there is a present for my soul behind it ……………… lemmi

Ok, as you can see I don't have too much time for that now
“Christmas jazzDub“Taken. And that with the amount of Dubs in Vol. 1 + 2
together. But I can say with certainty that it is definitely worth it
there will be a few more often around Christmas - but also now Dubs to run through. The range goes from very charming,
yes almost charismatic Dubs with a fantastic DubAtmosphere, right up to unbearable trumpets that almost sound like “free jazz” - and brass improvisations that I really can't or don't want to endure.
Jazz demands a high degree of tolerance from me. It is probably the oldest music of all and therefore has a very wide range that very often overwhelms me. But I also know that basically everything I like so much about music has its origins in jazz. Well, at least I think I know.
I'm not a musicologist, I'm just one
ROOTS DUB REGGAE fan, because …… .. is simply the best music !!! ;-)

(Not all) "Americans are terrorists" but if they don´t know "what Black is"
the never “know what Dub is “……………. lemmi

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