Best of deep root

Neil Perch is one of the few, tireless sound system operators and producers who dedicated himself to the early 1990s Dub-Sound (instrumental or with vocals) and are still active today. Under the motto "Dubwise - No Compromise ", he has the rise of the UKDub and witnessed its decline, has been at the forefront of the movement with Zion Train, a major deal in its pocket and the fortunes of the Dub had in hand. A true veteran and Dub-Activist. Since 1998 he has been publishing mostly his own productions on his “Deep Roots” label, exclusively vinyl in 7 "and 10" formats. Now is the premiere, because with "Best Of Deep Root" (Universal Egg / Cargo) the first album and CD appear. The title says it all: here are the highlights of the label, 8 in number, always as a vocal version followed by Dub (16 pieces in total). I have a real love-hate relationship with the sound of Neil Perch. Actually, 20 years after its invention, I don't want to listen to a UK stepper anymore. The synth sounds have been used up, the militant beat has marched its feet sore. But! If the DubWhen the bass explodes and the bass drum hits me in the stomach, when the intense energy of the rhythm chases shock waves through my body and sucks my brain into the windings of the echo chamber, then, yes, I'm a big fan of this proud again , time-honored sounds from Mr. Perch!