Gappy Ranks: Put The Stereo On

I usually listen to a new album two or three times and then new material attracts my attention. But the new album by Gappy Ranks, "Put The Stereo On" (Greensleeves / Groove Attack) turns this practice on its head. I have now listened to it 10 to 20 times while new CDs are sealed on my desk. What a nice album! Produced by Peckings brothers Chris and Duke Price, who were also responsible for Bitty McLean's “On Bond Street”. While for McLean they only resorted to old original Treasure Isle rhythms (they are allowed to do so due to ancient license agreements between Duke Reid, Coxsone Dodd and father Price), Gappy Ranks mainly uses Studio One productions - and we can do more find that what Coxsone has practiced all his life, namely to recycle his recordings from the 1960s and 70s and thus constantly produce new hits, still works. Perhaps it is the greatness of this music that inspires the singers to write beautiful songs again and again. In any case, Mr. Ranks is no exception and offers us (especially in the first half of the album) a couple of great retro songs, where you inevitably feel transported back to the golden days of reggae (and secretly ashamed that you - like all the old rock men - still loves the music of their own youth). I cannot praise the album highly enough. To my liking, it's even better than the heavenly-acclaimed McLean album "On Bond Street," which, to be honest, was a bit too sappy for me. But since we are here in England, a few Lovers Rock songs should not be missing from Gappy Ranks - and as the press information reports, the Oberschnulz song “Heaven In Her Eyes” was number one in British reggae for 13 weeks -Charts. But if that's the price to be paid to enjoy the rest of the album, then I'll pay it with pleasure.