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Hey, I ran into another project in the endless expanse of the WWW or, better still, heard about it, which is exactly my collar size and has been running in an endless loop for days. If a work already has the appropriate title "Obvious Dubious“(Self Released), I literally prick up my ears. "Obvious Dubious ”from Tara Putra is the dubwise continuation of the albums “In Dubland ”(2012) and“ Driven by Dub"(2015). Marcus Straczkowski from Nuremberg, the mastermind behind the pseudonym Tara Putra (Hindi: Tara = star; Putra = son), has been on the road in Trip Hop, Drum & Bass, Ambient and psychedelic trance since the early 90s. After working hard for almost a year, he presented his new one at the end of 2019 "proud and happy" Dub-Album. The first track "Cowboys Smoking Giants" begins with a thunderous echo and the announcement: "Close the doors, let's go" and it starts Dub-Train to truly intoxicating regions. Again, a lot of musical borrowings can be heard here. From mariachi trumpets, sitar sounds, Spanish folklore, buttery guitar solos, meandering synth soundscapes to psychedelic music, everything is dreamlike with the Dub-Structure interwoven. With its warm, repetitive Dub-Style is "Obvious Dubious “at the moment (Corona crisis) is exactly the right thing to let yourself go. The organic sound structures, benthic basslines and the "slowed down riddims" with beautiful, sometimes unusual Dub- Effects that have really not been saved invite you to take this mind-expanding journey. The last track “Shutdown Sequence” reminds me a lot of the good times of Massiv Attack. He brings us with a guttural chant sequence Dub-Train back into this here and now and leisurely roll out. Music for headphones!

Love Dubblog community, stay at home, above all healthy, prefer to listen better Dub-Mukke and please keep the curve flat for all of us!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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The benthos: ancient Greek "the deep"; with Homer (not Simpson ;-)) mostly the depth of the sea.
The associated adjective (adjective) for "living in the area of ​​the water bed" is benthic or benthonic.

Ras Vorbei, I'm always amazed and enthusiastic about what you are great “Obvious Dubious ”albums. Most of them I would probably never have come across. For the Dubblog you are a great asset. Many Thanks!!!!

I also noticed Tara Putra before, but somehow I forgot about him. Nice that I am reminded of him again here. From a musicological point of view, he doesn't come close to Mozart and JS Bach, but I still get along better with his music.
It is really the many musical borrowings ("Mariachi trumpets, sitar sounds, Spanish folklore, buttery guitar solos, meandering synth soundscapes and psychedelic music - everything is dreamlike with that Dub- Structure interwoven. "), Which take me on a dreamlike trip around the world and let me float wonderfully on my cloud nine, over all the sights of our beautiful home earth.
Overall, it's a very nice trip. First was “Tiny Camels Dub"My favorite but I really went crazy again with" Shutdown Sequence "!!! I also really like Massive Attack, but I haven't seen anything good about them yet.
He has me Dub immediately reminded of “Evil And Harm” by The Younger Brothers. To find on the sampler "Tribal Futures". Maybe it is flowing somewhere…. Is one of my all-time top favorites that go to the extended “Temple Of Dub" belong.
Well, for me this is psyDub at its best and every now and then I like to give myself that too.
Now I have to come back to my daily form. What this and many other PsyDub Discs are missing, the drums are crisp.
My form lags a lot behind yours. I bought Vin Gordon's “Heavenless” just a few weeks ago. Something in me advised me to wait until they did too Dubs there. Now I have the extended version, which is a decent one DubHead heard. What I particularly like are the crisp and - at the right moment - strongly emphasized drums. That knocks me away!
But now it's SpaceTime with PsyDub by Tara Putra.

The world is colorful ………………… .. lemmi

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