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Teflon zinc fence: Dub Policy

At this point I have often said that it is more topical Dub from Jamaica either hardly exists or just an infusion of old concepts. Now there is one person in Kingston who is telling me the lie: Teflon Zincfence. Behind this name is Romaine Arnett, who founded Zincfence Records together with Chronixx and in 2014 produced his first EP "Dread & Terrible". In the meantime Romaine Arnett has supplied a lot of other artists with rhythms and bears the title of the official "Dub Selectors ”in the Kingstoner Dub Club. So the man can do it. Be published in September Dub-Debut album "Dub Policy“(Zincfence) and it blew me over in a full storm. Wow, what powerful and artistic at the same time Dubs what creative mixing! Flawless sound, cool cover with a rather immodest allusion to stylizing Teflon Zincfence as the new King Tubby. His version of King Tubby's “Ruffer Version” hits the same line. A fantastic tune, excitingly orchestrated, carefully produced and articulated with oomph - the highlight of this only six track short album. What I particularly like: Romaine Arnett is one hundred percent committed to the good, old, classic Dub-Reggae, but by no means reproduces outdated clichés, but creates an absolutely contemporary, ultra-modern interpretation of them. Although Romaine puts the bass in the foreground so much that any UK sound system operator would have sparkling eyes, he retains the livelier, less repetitive style of playing that is typical of Jamaica. So must be more modern Dub sound in Jamaican tradition today!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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High René!
Happy New Year and all!
After each end, a new beginning seems to come. So last year I was the last and now again the first to comment here. If I am not wrong.
I quote: "Although Romaine puts the bass in the foreground so much that every UK sound system operator would get sparkling eyes ..." Unfortunately I have to write something about that later. But first of all, I fully agree with you in everything and in every detail. Very cool Dubs !!! The mixing suggests that he was well supplied with high grade and hopefully still is. “Ruffer Version” is also my highlight. The riddim is one of my all-time favorites although the other riddims are all creme de la creme. I already found the two three Dubs very good on the "Dread and Terrible". The whole disc is very good but just that DubI've played it a lot lately because they get on very well with them Dubs the Dub Let the Tonic Kru combine. Maybe he also screwed the controls there (!?).
But at a very high level I have to complain a bit again. If Uk sound system operators think this bass is so great, it is almost logical that I have to complain about it. I firmly believe that I'm something of a bass fetishist, but what they are doing has nothing to do with enjoyment anymore. I think that even the most hardened prostitutes, it just hurts from 25 cm. And that booming bass hurts not only in my ears but also in my soul. It's a shame but something is not quite right with the sound from Jamaica. Somehow it always feels so slightly rushing. I'm not saying it rustles, but it feels like it. And to be honest, I think it's more modern Dub should no longer boom, but rather bubbling voluminously. But that is now the search for the famous fly in the ointment. Teflon Zincfence rules !!! Do I have to tinker with the bass button myself until it sounds "serious". Maybe it's different on every system anyway, but a sound like for example with DubSpeed ​​- this soft but very voluminous and often bubbling bass sound - caresses my soul.

"Reggae got Soul" …………………… .. lemmi

Very exciting part! Thanks for the criticism, because what the guy produces otherwise (terrible chart garbage) I would not have such a terrific one Dub-Album expected :) Now I just have to look where you can buy it ...

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