The Aggrovators: Dubbing at King Tubby's


Label retrospectives are nothing unusual. If, however, a retro label now also receives a retrospective, then it is definitely worth a closer look. And this look is in the compilation "Dubbing at King Tubby's“(VP) from the Aggrovators actually necessary, because the title alone does not reveal what this is actually about. The first look belongs to the tracklist, which seems strangely familiar, the second look then goes into the detailed liner notes and reveals the secret of this compilation: It is the re-release of three Tubby compilations that Steve Barrow for his legendary reissue label Blood & Fire Records had put together - and at the same time a homage to the work of this important label, which started in 1994 to create roots reggae, Dub- and republish Deejay albums in as appreciative a manner as it was common for jazz editions and classical music. Steve Barrow spared no effort, traveled to Jamaica to dig for hidden treasures in Bunny Lee's archive (and those of other producers), documented reggae history with his well-founded and extensive liner notes, hired Kevin Metcalfe for the mastering and one with an intro of the best UK design studios for cover design. The effort was financed by the band Simply Red, who had enough money to support this selfless service to reggae. The result was around 130 high-quality publications - until Blood & Fire unfortunately had to close its doors in 2007. Since then, many of the albums are no longer available. So also "Dub Gone Crazy ","Dub Gone 2 Crazy "and"Dub Like Dirt ", those three compilations that are now under the title" Dubbing at King Tubby's “available again as a double CD. All three present Bunny Lee productions from the mid-1970s that Steve Barrow of Singel B-Sides collected together. In the liner notes, which retell the history of the label, Steve Barrow describes this process very vividly and humorously. Oh well, one thing should also be mentioned: In addition to the label history and reissue meta story, you can simply listen to very nice music here - remastered again by Kevin Metcalfe, by the way.

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Somehow a shame, just thought that a cellar treasure had been found. I have the Blood & Fire albums here, so it makes no sense to get this compilation. Except because of the liner notes or due to lack of space; .-) - the sound should certainly not be better. I also think that the tracks are already on various Dub-Compilations have appeared. But I haven't seen through the publication chaos for decades.

Something else from Tad's: “Allied Dub Selection ”from“ Papa Tad's and Scientist. It is more historical Dub, but sounds really good.


Well, no secret treasure was actually found here either. I don't know if I have any Dub I would find it again immediately at home but nothing is unknown to me. Maybe the echo and the reverb are in a slightly different place or something, but I don't really get adrenaline anymore. Either King Tubby didn't produce anything else or had it produced or everything has really appeared and re-released several times.

The timelessness of this music is always fascinating. Because when I listened to Juno, I wasn't a bit bored. Well everyone Dub was only possible for 30 seconds ;-). Anyway, Kevin Metcalfe did a great job with the sound. Sometimes the bass already comes down to the SubBass area. At least it sounds and feels as if my speakers are also transmitting the sub-bass ;-)

I have never been interested in liner notes. Especially not in English ……………………. lemmi

It doesn't belong here, but on the one hand it belongs Dub Spencer & Trance Hill released a new (of course and as expected) super album. At the moment I think the very nice news that they are coming on tour is even more important. For example, they are in Kassel on Thursday, November 10.11.16th, and so am I. But they also come to Cologne as far as I know.
The tour dates are on their homepage.

I'm looking forward to ……………… .. lemmi

It doesn't belong here either, but the new Brain Damage “Talk The Talk” is also very nice. I gave it to me on a long drive over the weekend.

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