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A year ago the highly acclaimed original "Carry Me Home: A Reggae Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson" from The Archives was released. A big budget production by Eric Hilton (one half of Thievery Corporation) and Darryl “Trane” Burke. Superbly rehearsed, recorded and marketed reggae retro sound. the Dub-Version was only a matter of time. Now it is available: "Carry Me Home Dub“By The Archives (Montserrat House). The big budget can be heard with every note. Everything is just right in terms of sound. And yes, of course it is more real Dub, although it is not uncommon for vocals to be heard. But the music has nothing to do with sound system nights. It wants to be played on Sunday mornings at breakfast or at a neat - but cool - dinner. It is about "sophisticated" Dub, tasteful and stylish. But all too often there is also a bit of boredom inherent in “high-quality” works. Everything is calculated, appropriate and balanced, reflective and intellectual. There is simply a lack of what is fun: hard contrasts, surprising, sometimes disruptive ideas, courage and daring. So I'm not sure how to rate the album. It is undoubtedly of absolutely high quality, but I don't have much fun listening to it. Phew! Maybe I just lack the level.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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"Who's Correct? Who is incorrect? "………………

What did I think "back then" about this awesome record from the Archives ?! I mean it was the time of "GröleReggae" when everyone tried to make one on Sizzla. In addition, the muffled and slack sound of VP-records (which unfortunately did not apply to the vocals) and the (to be honest) bad times of the so-called neoreggae. The Archieves seemed like the salvation of the West to me. Unfortunately after that they couldn't excite me as much as they did with this debut (?).
Yes; and also this dignified one DubI can listen to the disc without any problems, but I don't get excited either. That all sounds way too good to me and most of the basslines just give me a tired yawn. I guess I don't have the level ;-) ……… I was very amused by this - your - knowledge René.
Still, you can give the disc to yourself. For example in the elevator. Because I think that's the elevator Dubs from Umberto or was it the visionist for whom the elevator is sometimes downright radical.

"There is much more to Dub“…………………… .. lemmi

Why stingy with the stars, colleague Wynands? I would have put another d'up, especially since Gil Scott Heron is mainly about one thing: his brutally realistic poetry, which is also used in the Dubs space is given accordingly. In this respect, I don't recommend the album as a soundtrack for breakfast or dinner, it would make you feel sick.

Apart from that, I happily agree with the review, but would like to highlight the very successful mix. Otherwise, Laurent Alfred's move Dubs towards Umberto Echo - Big People's Dub (based on the term Big People's Music) ... in other words: excellent, full boredom.

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