The Dub Chronicles: Kingston

I have to admit about The Dub I know next to nothing about Chronicles, and I was really shocked when I read on Facebook that their new album "Kingston“(VPAL) from Dubmatix was produced. How could that get past me? However - I have to say this in my defense - "Kingston" doesn't sound like anything Dubmatix, which could be due to the atypical, sometimes even jazzy live sound. Further down on Facebook it says the Dub Chronicles is a duo of two brothers living in Toronto who are “the heaviest dubwise roots reggae riddims ”at all. Aha. I would not confirm this unreservedly, but at least the connection is now closed Dubmatix plausible. Have a listen and decide for yourself.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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Dubmatix pushes me straight: "Greetings Rene - hope you are doing well. I saw your article and wanted to clarify - I only mixed the tracks and did dub versions. I didn't actually produce it. :) All the best Jesse "


I recommend listening to the new release of Oku Onuora (“I've Seen”). Ingeniously mixed, killer sound courtesy of Najavibes. I haven't heard such rich sounds in a long time ... listen out loud and take off.

……. “Listen out loud & take off. "

That's exactly what I'm doing right now! Waaaaaaaa madness !!!!!

This is how reggae works! ………………. lemmi

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