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The Dub Chronicles: The Take Over

Speaking of jazz, the Canadian brothers Craig and Jonathan Rattos - a drum / piano duo - play under the name The Dub Chronicles also has wonderfully jazzy reggae. Now her new album is "The take over“(VPAL). It's much closer to the classic Dub than built on jazz, but still breathes the jazz vibe with every note. No wonder, because the brothers are trained jazz professionals who have lost their hearts to instrumental reggae. “Two soldiers creating the soundscapes of an entire army” - as they describe themselves, because almost every instrument on “The Take Over” was played by them. Well done, gentlemen. And it's hard to believe that the bass supposedly comes from a keyboard. I like the relaxed, open and yet quite powerful sound and I like the jazz vibes anyway. For me a highlight in the dark season.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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You make me ready and done here!

This album is super class again. Jazz always arouses very different associations in me. I like it best when I have to think of a saloon like here. The piano "strikes" here in a fantastic saloon
atmosphere that for me has its climax with “Once Again”. A sluggish riddim and a piano from the heart of Chicago make me feel like going to a pub again. But where is such music playing in the pub? Most of the time I get something like a rash in my inner ear from the music in bars. I just don't like the beer and I just don't like as much schnapps as I would have to drink to fade out the music. It could be that the smoking ban in pubs is fair for everyone, but smoking in a pub is like playing football without a ball. I had completely different comparisons in my head, but they don't work here again. In any case, this window would run up and down in my pub and the ganja swaths would trickle down the walls so that no eyes would stay dry. So it must be inna pub of my trust. But today a visit to a pub is almost a school event for model students.

I'd rather stay in the gate ……………… lemmi


basically we only have three really new titles here. The tracks "The TakeOver" and "Zion" are already on the 2016 album "Reflections" from Chronicles Dub Find trio. Nevertheless, I think this album is “particularly valuable”. The Rattos brothers know what they're doing, and their jazz studies were obviously not for the cat.

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