The Elovaters: Defy Dub

The Elovaters - one of those stereotypical West Coast reggae rock pop outfits you might think. And in fact, at least musically, it is about the same: light-footed reggae, which goes a few more Mys in the direction of elaborate songwriting and can come up with a number of hooks. That may feel like a musical death sentence Dub-Read the universe, where melodies are virtually vaporized and sometimes only float through the sound space like ghosts in homeopathic doses; where the bassline and nothing but the bassline forms the stage on which we like to be fooled into a multidimensional listening experience. However, I warn against hasty judgments that you could make if you read the album "Defy Gravity"And the video for the single release" Meridian "has an impact:

There are penile prostheses, skate and surfboards on the East Coast, as the Boston Elovaters emphasize in their promo videos. That seems to be taking hold and the success proves them right: Long and successful tours are followed by the recording of the above-mentioned album with producer Danny Kalb, who is more appreciated for his work with Beck or Ben Harper than for his isolated reggae productions. For the band, the collaboration with the producer-Kapazunder is obviously a stroke of luck; he puts the focus on melody and lyrics, tight arrangements and an easily digestible, hip sound. That the singer once had a scholarship for opera singing is superficially (thank god) not noticeable; But such a training is undoubtedly helpful to move so easily and accurately through highs and lows of sophisticated polyphonic singing. Overall, a round album that was very well received by the intended target group and catapulted the Elovaters to new heights in popularity.

And that could mean the end of this review, if ... yes, if not the last one Dub-Counterpart for the vocal album would have come onto the market: "Defy Dub“(The Elovaters) appears a full two years after“ Defy Gravity ”and actually surprises with basslines that im Dub-Mix have been excavated and exposed. That takes specialists - these include Gaudi and Victor Rice, among others, who give light-footed pop reggae a certain grounding. But the bird shoots a certain EN Young, who in his Dub-Mixes brings in current and trendy sound effects - so he packs the vocals in the musty box and then lets the tweeters cut up their echoes. One should keep an eye on the boy - as Dub-Mixer, mind you; his own attempts as an interpreter in the reggae genre are still ... well, capable of development.

Six in total Dub Mixers design “Defy Dub“Varied and so give the vocal album a 2020 update - with the younger generation clearly setting the tone and leaving behind something like Gaudi and Victor Rice. The overall result is fresh, catchy and sticks in the reviewer's ear - that may be due to the extraordinary summer 2020, the unfulfilled longing for sun, sea and mild evenings on the beach; maybe also the desire for lightness in challenging times. Who would have thought that the soundtrack would be one of those Dub-Album could be ...

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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I will be careful not to contradict you again gtkriz. Now that I have the “Rebelution In Dub“Having listened to it a couple of times at home, I only really understand how you meant all of this. I had already suspected that I would like the sound and the superficial things DubEffects have blinded. At first I didn't really understand what you mean by that, “he - he DubMixer - wouldn't really dare to do it. “I always found why reverb and echo are available in sufficient numbers, what is missing there !? First and foremost, I am now missing a lot DubEffects that go beyond normal reverb and echo. There are no crazy ideas at all. It's really boring. But even more nerds me that the whole groove and flow, if the "originals" ever had something like that, has a record. That slows down all along the line. In addition, these lovely, friendly song snippets that almost remind me of the rosamunde pilcher tunes from Münchner Freiheit. I finally understand what René means by bulky American riddims. The next time I make a firm resolve to listen to a disc more than once before I comment again here.
Next time ;-)
This time, at The Elovaters, I just skimmed the thing again. I still like reggae too much, so I also find the audio sample “Meridian” quite likeable.
But and now I'm making the mistake again, nothing will get stuck with me. I don't feel like riddims like that. My daily shape and possibly my whole health
just doesn't allow such riddims anymore. I can't explain rationally why the riddims don't reach me but because of the abundance of Dubs that are possible worldwide, I have to pay more attention to my gut feeling.
So for now I have no choice but to praise your review first. I can't confirm whether Victor Rice and Gaudi are actually a little behind the younger generation, but in this case I will definitely take care not to contradict you ;-)
I basically still do it the same way as I used to. I listen to the discs and if the spark does not jump over immediately, I put the discs (now it's mostly just data) to the files and dedicate myself to “Rapso Music” again ……… .. Sorry if I mean “something “But from my point of view the whole world should know that this one Dub is “the measure of all things” for me. The opposite, the antidote to easily digestible but difficult to digest Dubs.

In this sense …… .. “Rapso Music” …………………………. lemmi

Somehow, in the case of “Defy Dub“To speak of riddims - because they play a subordinate role in imo production; here the songwriting is in the foreground ... and that does itself with them Dubs noticeable where the vocals still play a very prominent role.

"I listen to the panes and if the spark does not jump over immediately, I put the panes ... to the files"

I feel the same way, lemmi - but I take the files that I have put down to my chest three or four times. Incidentally, I feel the same way with films - I recently shelved the film “Mother” for the first 10 minutes because of unbearable boredom. On the second attempt I persevered and was rewarded with a permanently thickening, furious, unbelievable film that is one of the best I've seen in recent years. It can happen that way too.

"Somehow, in the case of" Defy, I don't like it Dub"To speak of riddims"

Hehe ;-) then you are even more consistent than me. Sorry man! Shouldn't happen again ;-)

"Mother" ....... is ok! I also like to take film tips again and again. But here, too, I'm the very old sort. Television is my very big illness. Zapp,
Zapp, Zapp and nothing works. A buddy of mine has Netflix. Let's see if something works.

“Mother do you think they'll drop the bomp?” ………………. lemmi

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