The Frightnrs: More to Say Versions

Last year they got us Frightnrs surprised with their retro rock steady album "Nothing More to Say". Now they are pushing too "More to Say Versions" (Daptone Records) that Dub-Pendant after. Dub-Pendant? The band from Queens uses the term “Versions” very modestly, which actually hits the spot very well, because producer Victor “Ticklah” Axelrod went to work here extremely carefully - exactly as one would expect from the original Treasure Isle or Studio One-Dub-Knows releases. Since those recordings were made on a few tracks, they were virtuoso Dub-Effects not possible anyway. Ticklah took this into account and mostly limited himself to switching off the vocals, reducing it to drum & bass and of course to reverb effects. Only if you listen carefully will you notice other loving details, such as z. B. the very faint shining through of the vocal track, as was inevitable in the past with tape recordings. In both the original and the versions, we are not dealing with an eclectic quote, but with pure retro productions. This is not about refraction and reinterpretation, but about reproduction and homage. I still like it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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As with yours Dub Charts 2017 (do you notice something?… .. ;-)…. ) mentioned, this album belongs in the top 10 for me Dub Discs 2017. It doesn't matter if 2017 or 2018 (now don't be so subtle Lemmi). Anyway, the disc sounds as if it could also come from the last millennium. If I write now, it also reminds me a little of King Tubby Style, then you will look for these places in vain on the disc for a long time and if you know old "writings" from me, you would think I don't think the disc is that great . Because although King Tubby is also the King for me (one of many Kings in the "Kingdom of Jamaica"), I was never really a fan of about 99% of him Dubs.
Ok, this beautiful record is actually from Ticklah and is from the current millennium, which is probably the main reason why I like it so much. The DubThe atmosphere is present from the first note and the riddims are just adorable. Pure upliftment !!!
The heart leaps and the soul is happy.
The whole thing is also available professionally on vinyl, for example from irie records
The vocal disc to that Dub is still there in Münster (at least the one that I might have gotten myself if the singing had been a little cooler).

Dub is di roots, Dub is di roots, Dub is di roots ……. lemmi in memory of Mikey Dread.

I think the two records are the best together - I made a mix for the car - always nice alternating vocals & dub. however, I have omitted 2-3 weaker numbers. hammer!

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