The Loving Paupers & Victor Rice: The Ghost of Ladders

A year after their acclaimed album “Ladders”, the Loving Paupers from Washington DC release an extremely beautiful one Dub-version of the same: “The Ghost of Ladders” (Easy Star Records) - a title that all too obviously refers to the legendary Burning Spear album "Garvey's Ghost" and thus inevitably raises the level of expectation to the maximum. But with none other than Victor Rice handling the remix duties here (he also engineered “Ladders”), there's a strong chance that expectations will be met. Sure, his music isn't what you would play on a sound system. Somehow his sound - especially in contrast to Burning Spear - always sounds a little too light, too poppy, too much like ska. But for the sofa at home, or as a headphones accompaniment on your daily journey through the city, they are his Dubs wonderful music. Legendary British DJ Don Letts described the Loving Paupers' original sound as being influenced by 40s pop and XNUMXs reggae - a mix that made their music uniquely resonant. Which he is absolutely right about. I definitely had to think of UBXNUMX or Hollie Cook while listening to it. The sound is of course miles away from the repetitive, sappy Lovers Rock. It's pop reggae in the best sense. The question now is: what will happen? Dub-Mix of it? Known to be a treatment that generally gives pieces more gravity and grounding. What will be left of the light pop appeal? The answer is: exactly the right dose! “The Ghost of Ladders” is simply a super pleasant one Dubalbum that reveals the complex arrangements of the recordings and reveals the true quality of the music, which in the original could hide all too well behind Kelly Di Filippo's bright vocals. And as the singing disappears, the pop flair is significantly reduced. The allusion to "Garvey's Ghost" is perhaps a bit too exaggerated, but an analogy becomes clear: while "Ladders" is a nice pop-reggae album, "The Ghost of Ladders" really unfolds Dub-Magic - exactly that indescribable quality that Burning Spears also has Dubalbum elevated to the status of a cult work. Rice's masterful Dub-Mix uses the familiar ingredients of reverb and delay to transform the familiar into something completely new and otherworldly. “The Ghost of Ladders” once again impressively proves how Dub can effortlessly get to the core of the music and transcend it into a magical-abstract experience of pure sound. Now, I don't want to give the impression that Rice is somehow producing cerebral art music. On the contrary: thanks to the poppy basic nature of the music, it stays there Dubversion accessible and inevitably creates a good mood when listening. For me one of the most beautiful Dub-Albums from the last few months.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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How aptly put! Read, heard, liked. Almost that DubEssence, easy to digest, light in the finish and always tasteful with the catchy melodies Dubpalate. Some people might find the pop a bit too salty. But through the essence of the typical Dubcharacteristics a delicacy that I like to cook again, which is what I like every day Dubhunger satisfies. It will be interesting to see whether it doesn't get too stale after two weeks. According to the motto “hunger drives it in”. But that's what this beautiful one is for Dubblog, which then always meticulously recommends a new delicacy with heart and soul that I will never get tired of. Greetings

Kelly Di Filippos!!!

First of all, I have to really praise the young lady!

Her voice is so beautifully gentle and doesn't intrude in any way!
It would be nice if all women sang (and talked) like that.
That would almost be paradise. The opposite of carolina kebekus.
But there is also unbearable noise among the men, which has to be mentioned here in the spirit of “diversity”.
“Unfortunately” I always let myself be duped by fantastic riddims with a lot of flavor. And so I got the album from
Aleighcia Csott added “Windrush Baby”. In the 45 second sound check I was simply overwhelmed by this groove and by this real and still unique reggae feeling, which logically only the Jamaicans can convey. In any case, I go with a “Black Dub“ Production depends very much on it. If there are any musicians from the “köllner Treff”, I say “Schappo” in German and lie down again. But unfortunately I have to say that I really like Aleighcia's singing in general, but there are just too many moments (it would be nice if there were really just moments) on the album where she manages to not only make glasses shatter, but also summons the elemental force to let my toenails shoot through the steel toes of my work shoes. It's a shame, that's how music can be ruined for me. If anyone still wants the disc, I'll be happy to exchange it for his Dubs. Because they can actually only be good. If the engineer had left the vocal track just half an inch further down, it would feel a lot better.
Mmmmmh, yes, now my subordinate clause has become quite long again.
The appeal of “Black Dub“Productions a la Samory I, above all
The Loving Paupers productions are still nowhere near “Rasta No Gangsta” but I find them very charming despite their “pop” quality. (By the way, Samory I annoys me more than I would like to admit here).
And even if Victor Rize doesn't have enough heights in his sound for me, he's still one of the best in my opinion Dub.
And I also really appreciate him for being able to enjoy a good ska Dub gets served.
Together with the Loving Paupers, this also makes for a musical experience that I always enjoy listening to and that is well seasoned with magic. I have nothing against pop music anyway, if I like it ;-)
In contrast to Giovanni Collina, I don't have the “fear” that the magic might be gone after two weeks.
I also have the “Lines” and “Lines In” discs Dub“At home and even there, the magic isn’t over for me yet. But as it is, I still haven't managed a total playing time of two weeks when I add up all the "revolutions". That's the nice thing when you hear more reggae - and DubDiscs at home have more than a lifetime available to you. If I added working time to it, it might still be possible to hear everything more often, but for me, working time is not life time……….
Ok, so I had a good chat here on Monday or maybe even a little bit of general interest for this one DubContributed to album.

Anyway, I like it ………………….. lemmi

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