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The Orb Featuring Lee Scratch Perry: Present The Orbserver In The Star House In Dub

The orbDub

I like to save myself reviews, but on an album like "The Orb Featuring Lee Scratch Perry: Present The Orbserver In The Star House", which was released at the end of last year, you just have to take a stand. Mine read: Lee Perry and The Orb fit together like Planck's law of radiation and Mickey Mouse. In addition: Perry is bad, as usual in the last 30 years. The Orb's electronics, on the other hand, are okay - but unfortunately they have nothing to do with reggae. But now, almost six months later, The Orb are finally doing their thing, because they are part of the presentation "The Orb Featuring Lee Scratch Perry: Present The Orbserver In The Star House In Dub" (Cooking Vinyl) a remixed version of the above album that made Perry shut up on at least 50 percent of the tracks. And on the 11 instrumental versions, which still have nothing to do with reggae, but still - and you can only really hear that now without Perry's torrent of speech - are pretty great. Instead of dull house beats, they offer crazy rhythm constructions, peppered with countless samples from the analog music world. Some tracks are more reminiscent of funk, afrobeat or tricky minimal productions than they serve common house clichés. Actually, the two Orb backers here have something like Dub produced, but cleverly camouflaged it by suppressing the reggae offbeat. And something else is missing: Hall & Echo. But don't worry, that's exactly what the other 12 tracks offer - all remixes of three songs: “Golden Clouds”, “Soulman” and “Ball Of Fire”. Really exciting for Dubheads (with a preference for reggae offbeat) are only four of them, namely those with minimal producer Deadbeat and Dub-Over-Producer Mad Professor sat at the controls. The former sent Perry & The Orb into an echo chamber from which there was apparently no escape. Completely hypnotic, downright mystical, his basic channel minimal beat wafts through time and space, while Perry's vowels, shortened to syllables, seem to echo endlessly. In his “remix”, Mad Professor apparently didn't trust the Orb original at all and put a completely new reggae rhythm under it. I think it's one of his best Dubs become over the last few years.

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