The Return of Pachyman

Retro reggae is (almost) always very popular. Many producers struggle to reproduce the sound of the Black Ark, the early Revolutionaries or Channel One. Pachyman fits in seamlessly there. The Puerto Rican, who lives in Los Angeles, is based on the sound of the late 1970s and offers a fresh one, characterized by small melodies and lively rhythms Dub-Style. He plays all of the instruments himself in his basement studio - you can watch some nice videos on YouTube.

My colleague gtkriz once criticized Pachy's sound harshly: “He presents a sound image that gives the impression of being with the artist in a rather musty, dull rehearsal room that is padded for sound insulation. Nothing is embellished there; the loud hi-hat and the cymbals sound tinny, the bass drum and the bass are dry and flat. ”Well, where he's right, he's right. But the question is: Is that really to be assessed so negatively? Or should retroDub doesn't sound like that? If you answer yes to the last question, then of course the follow-up question immediately follows: Why the copy when there is the original? Which brings us to the philosophical proseminar. That's why I don't want to go into any further detail here, but simply announce: I like his new album "The return oh Pachyman“Exceptionally good. the DubIt's wonderfully playful, the melodies nestle in my ears and the mix makes for good entertainment. And yes: I also enjoy deciphering the many quotations. I get the feeling that Pachyman and I are “one of an kind”. That's why I like him, I like to watch him in his basement studio and hear "Return ..." when I'm in a good mood. Welcome back Pachy!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

2 responses to "The Return of Pachyman"

I already like the album, but it's kind of hectic ... He could turn down a few BPM here and let the bassline groove a little longer. The tracks are all a bit short .. almost radio friendly ...

I'm curious to see what else Pachyman comes up with ... The album is his best so far, but I think Atco didn't just sign him for one record, and that will be dropped.

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