The Ullulators: Dub Royale - Chapter One

The Ullulators are a band from Bath (GB) that have existed since the late 1980s. Actually, they are an indie rock band with a penchant for reggae that has achieved cult status over the years. The liaison of punk but also indie rock with reggae /Dub goes back to the early 80s when bands like z. B. The Clash released their epoch-making triple album "Sandinista" in collaboration with Mikey Dread. Almost a year ago The Ullulators "Dub Royal Chapter One"(The Ullulators self-released), on which they" screwed "over two years and put a lot of work into it. The head of the band, Gavin Griffiths, had the intention to create an album for this project that would capture the mood and the sound of the 70s-80s rootsDub-Reggae embodies. The present 16 tracks offer a broad musical spectrum ranging from rootsDub until world music has all the ingredients. All recordings were mixed and mastered by Gavin Griffiths. As far as possible, Griffiths used analog studio technology and classic equipment. I think the work and the effort were worth it, because it is a nice potpourri of different styles of music - always under the aspect Dub - got together. In the end product, you can easily hear that the musical source material of the Ullulators was much more rock than is usually the case. Overall, we're getting the development of an iconic indie band in here Dub-Riddim reveals, and if we are to believe Mr. Griffiths, that's just "the first prank and the second will follow immediately."

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Yeah man !!!

I'm running out of time again, but I had to briefly check that out. Already the first one Dub really makes you want more. There will dubtechnically not really messed up but pocked out. Sound-wise almost reminiscent of Dry And Heavy, die
familiar with the DubTechniques are also not used sparingly or have been used. So I just skipped quickly so far
but if I were in the store now, I would have already packed the disc and would be really looking forward to being home. Really BOLD !!!
I would already give 5 stars deluxe. No matter if indie or punk, their love for reggae has always been very sympathetic to me. And here at the Dub- "Disk" they show that their love is real. I'm excited. Thank you Ras Vorbei !!!
Gollom would say ... my jjjjjjjjschatz !!!

Must go home ... weekend !!! …………………………… .lemmi

Dear René, congratulations! If someone is into reggae & DUB knows, then you are the luminary! Thanks for so much inspiration and knowledge-sharing, please never stop!
Do you agree when I give your "praise" of the Dub in DREADheadz, the Dub& Reggae show at on March 17.3th quote, (22:00 - 24:00) via livestream worldwide? Kind regards from Karlsruhe: tomcat & Jah Kito

Great album. Another thing I would do without it Dubblog would probably never have found.
The very first tune combines almost everything I like about the genre.
It's just a shame that it is not available at Tidal.

High rop up !!!

We need to talk …….

The same thing happened to me. The first tune /Dub has almost everything a good one Dub need. What does almost mean, for me it is Dub Perfect.
But that's not the point now. Keyword Tidal! I looked in there and they write something about two different ones
Tariffs. The “cheap version” costs just as much (or little?) As the Spotify version. The correct version should cost twice as much. My question now is whether I am being fooled on Spotify all the time and just listening to an illusion of good sound. Or is Spotify just fairer and not kidding music lovers with an overpriced deluxe version, which in my opinion should be standard. I want reggae deluxe and Dub Deluxe or I need maximum sound.

Even if my question is off-topic again, it is aimed at everyone who reads here and I would be very grateful if someone here could prescribe reassurance in the form of non-alternative facts.

By and large, I still can't cope with paying money for something that I don't have the slightest control over. In other words, I don't like the fact that I actually only borrow data and cannot reliably store it for myself in the least. I go into total dependency and "sell" my soul in the process.

I know you don't think it's all that bad, but I get a loo in my throat from it.

But if you want to call Spotify and the like (in this case, I mean that negatively), you can only get into one
infinite loop that irritates the mind of a completely normal citizen to the extreme.

Yes sorry, it was that time again …………………… .. lemmi

oh the streaming services ... on the one hand there are free months everywhere that you can celebrate first. At first, that doesn't matter. My problem is rather that I hardly get the time to listen to all the free releases ...
As far as quality is concerned, you can choose four levels in the Tidal program. the smallest “standard” corresponds roughly to what you get from YouTube in the best case, the next corresponds to Spotify, Lossless corresponds to CD and Master (hardly ever available in our genre) should be even better.

I'll be honest: as much as I'd like to hear a difference, from the second level (around 300kbit / s) everything sounds the same to me.

Much more relevant is that often no good version of the old stuff is available digitally. But they all have that problem, and I already know that from CDs.

Thank you ropp up!

I honestly don't hear any difference here at work either. A lot of background noises require a volume that ultimately makes enough oomph and the little subtleties in music and sound are not that important at work. Only at home in my magic triangle do I find the sound somehow too "sappy" when it comes out of the computer. Schlonzig may be ok for risotto, but risotto is not one of the things I like or eat at all. It's a bit like chocolate. In the past, I couldn't stop until such a board was completely empty. Since half of “chocolate” has consisted of palm oil dirt, I've been feeling sick after a bar. I recently bought organic chocolate for double the price and I ate two bars of it in a row. And lo and behold, it is without palm fat dirt! So there are four levels and in our genre the best are not even available. Then I won't provide 20 euros a month either. I will probably never understand that, the whole ocean is full of plastic, tomatoes and all vegetables are shrink-wrapped in plastic almost everywhere, and vinyl LPs and CDs
will be abolished first.
But let's be okay, I'll be fine somehow ;-)

"It's a mad world" so "Dub Me Crazy “……… lemmi

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