The Ullulators: Dub Royale - Chapter Two

Almost two months ago I did right here at The Ullulators: Dub Royale - Chapter One presented. Now lay The Ullulators "Dub Royale - Chapter Two“(The Ullulators self-released) after.
This time it's a selection of just ten titles, some of which have already been modified Dub Royale - Chapter One were represented. So are: Random Particle Dub (Run With The Lion); Mighty steppers Dub (Precious Aythyr); Creation Airwaves Dub; Moonlight Ninja 2 Dub to be rediscovered as alternate versions on Chapter Two. Gavin Griffiths put some energy into the project and recorded the tracks again with different basslines, additional musical style elements, a lot of reverb in the classic style, delays, equalizers, filters and re-amped switching technology. The Ullulators' mastermind has not changed the concept in general. Like its predecessor, the album contains funky, groovy old-schoolDubs that reflect the true spirit of the early '70s and' 80s -Dub reflect. According to Mr. Griffiths, the tracks on Chapter Two are much more "stript to the bone" and less groove-oriented than on Chapter One. In fact, this is clearly noticeable in a direct audio comparison of the two albums. On this album, Gavin Griffiths also did the engineering, mixing, Dubbing and mastering accomplished in personal union. For all die-hard Ullulators fans, the band has a few more Dubs in store that will hopefully be published soon. It would definitely be a wish!
Dub Royale - Chapter Two is available as a download for just £ 1. 100% of the proceeds go to the Trussel Trust in order to actively help the homeless, who are extremely at risk from the Corona crisis, in a variety of ways (food, clothes, accommodation). If that's not a reason!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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The beauty of DubBlog is also that (almost) nothing is suppressed here. Of course you can't do everything DubReview the work and must concentrate on the essentials.
But the Ullulators are now also an important cornerstone for me DubMusic. I was also fully involved in Chapter Two from the first note. This kind of Dub for me is still the fulfillment of all my music dreams. Here, too, after a short time I had to think of the sound of Dry and Heavy again and anyone who knows me knows that this is a very big compliment for the Ullulators. The fact that after two months I still have this association in my head confirms that my feeling cannot be completely wrong. Everything is just right for me here. Very charming bass lines, beautiful "accentuated", crisp drums, fine, small sound gadgets, percussions and perfect with Dub"seasoned" effects. Not too much and, above all, not too little. As long as there are such Dubs there are always, I have no problem with the mostly "somewhat" monotonous steppers
Dub a la Uk style. When steppers - Dub "Everything rolls flat" psy-Dub plowing the ground every now and then, then they are Dubs in the style of The Ullulators - for me - clearly the real cause of the continental shift. Now I could do anyone here Dub of Chapter One or Two, but as an example of my “thesis” I will mention “Zion Freedom Dub". The most elementary laws of nature are confirmed there. The crowd is sluggish but full of gigantic energy !!! And to move continents you need them Dubs!!!
Geography teachers probably see it differently, but as long as they don't prove me wrong, my theory isn't wrong.

I would have liked to have written a very cool “disc” but again there is probably only dates. In this case, that's really much better than nothing. Nevertheless, in my opinion such Dubs can be bought as a CD and not something like Alpha and Omega. Some of them may want to argue about that, but not with me.

So off to the playlist with it ………………… lemmi

No playlist! Spotify doesn't have any of it!

I always have to go to Bandcamp if I want to hear that. Somehow I get really fed up with the whole thing ...

Greetings ………… .. lemmi

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