Clay stone shards: In Dub

“Clay stones shards in Dub" (Echo Beach) - it can't work, I thought. Krautrock too dubpracticing is impossible. Where should the bass come from? Rock guitars - yuck! And then there are the political texts by Rio Reiser - definitely far too sacrosanct to be in the Dub to let go. Why was Nicolai from Echo Beach so eager to send an icon of German rock history of the 1970s and early 1980s through the echo chamber? What did he expect from it? An album caught between stools? Doesn't he see the flop coming? Okay, I admit: it was prejudice because I had never consciously heard the broken pieces before. Now I know: bass is there - you just have to turn it up. The guitars can be used in Dub fade out and anyway the music of the late shards (from the 1980s) is not as dry and krautrock as feared. Just the singing, well, I was right about that. Also, I had no idea that Nicolai had two trumps up his sleeve: Aldubb and the Dubvisionist. “Our concept was to be real Dub-Create versions and not remixes, ”explains Dubvisionist, “so to use as much original material as possible and to overdubs to do without ”. With which the two have delivered an impressive lesson in studio mixed art. Because if you hear the original songs in comparison, then it's almost unbelievable what happens with studioDub-Techniques in terms of sound technology could be extracted from there. It sounds as if the pieces have been re-recorded - which actually only applies to one single piece, the iconic “No Power for Nobody”. Here Gentleman's Evolution band recorded a wonderful reggae backing and Nina Hagen delivered guest vocals. Everything else is really Krautrock-Dub! If I didn't know personally from the mouth of the Dubvisionists, i wouldn't believe it. So one more question for the master: isn't it generally complicated to listen to music from other genres than reggae? dubben? "To flawlessly DubReggae was in fact not possible with this project, ”he replies,“ it was more the philosophy of Dubs in the foreground, the breaking of listening habits, presenting the familiar in new circumstances and bringing the previously unheard of into the focus. ”Which has succeeded so amazingly that everyone can Dub-Friend this album as an acoustic must-read should lead to heart to the power of Dub- Really understand art.

By the way, there is one here rbb radio report with Aldubb on the subject.

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Phew, maybe my mood is just too bad today and I should keep my fingers still, but for me the disc hardly works at all. When I checked out I always had to skip on pretty quickly because the magic just didn't work out. There are a few already dubBige, magical moments but I guess it's just like Mr. Sherwood said it was. "At first, you need a good rhythm, before you can make a good Dub. “Well…. and the really good riddims for me and us weren't in krautrock, but rather far away on an island in the Caribbean. From there, many great riddims spilled over to Hinglan. But the good rhythms of this world didn't make it to d-land. Nothing against clay, broken stones, they weren't that bad, but I or we are - I think - a bit different.
In any case, my request to tip the pane through again is limited.

No offense ……………… lemmi

I can understand well. That was how I felt at first. But then I listened to the album intensively over headphones several times and then there was this moment when it really flashed me. Maybe you have to forget your listening expectations and get involved with them in a completely unbiased way.


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