In Tor.Ma Dub: I Dub You! volume 1

There are damn good ones these days, but there are also many very uniform ones Dubp. Few of them are really bad. Nevertheless, most of them are not so fascinating and impressive that they do not disappear in the archive for a long time or even forever after listening to it two or three times. One of these positive surprises is the Mexican Rafael Hernandez aka Tor.Ma In Dub with his new album: "I Dub You! volume 1". Tor.Ma In Dub is a musician, producer and DJ who is very enthusiastic about most forms of electronic music: Psytrance, Goa, Progressive & Ethnic Trance, Dub, Ambient, jazz and reggae. Many of these genres are also featured on the current EP “I Dub You! Vol. 1 ”is used with different emphasis. The focus is undoubtedly on the Dub-Reggae page and electronic dance music. The idea behind “I Dub You! Vol. 1 “is as ingenious as it is simple. Tor.Ma In Dub sat down at the mixer and made remixes or versions of tracks for the artists and genres that profoundly influenced his musical tastes, just for the fun of it. The result is a truly wild, I would rather say, daring mixture: Gorillaz, 2Pac feat. Dr. Dre, The Doors, Rage against the Machine, Chemical Bros, and Sublime. Whoa, does that work together? For my taste it does. I think such a crazy mixture is just world class. The Gorillaz alone: ​​I really celebrated the original “Clint Eastwood” track back then. When Dub it is downright phenomenal. About the Dub- Refinement of the all time classic of the Doors: "Riders on the Storm" - Jim Morrison's very last song during his lifetime - I'm particularly happy. Overall, this EP is a completely freaky mix with some very rhythmically driving compositions that are both ideal for the dance floor and guarantee the trippy headphone experience. Like Adrian Sherwood, anyone who manages something like this has no reservations and thinks far outside the box. In my opinion, artists like Sherwood (anyway), Kutiman, DubRajah, Dreadzone or now Tor.Ma In Dub the genre decisively and give it new, fresh impulses. Overall, a very positive, above all creative development of the Dub. I'm already looking forward to Vol. 2!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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"I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I'm useless but not for long
The future is coming on "

What a great show !!!

For me, this tune was a milestone in terms of groove from the very first moment! The tune works the same way today as it did on the first day (for me). And now comes Tor.Ma In Dub, which I have also had on my favorites list for a long time and covers this BigTune with “rare earths” again. The Gorillaz have it anyway, or rather I have it in the “Deep In Dub“Playlist from gtkriz a whole DubAlbum and added to it again as one of my special top favorites. Tor.Ma In Dub has me with his, almost techno, overarching Dubs enthusiastic. It always has a really fat sound and always uses a wide range of possible DubOffers, so for me none
Keep your wishes open. His taste in music, besides reggae, is almost identical to mine. "California Love" by 2Pac / Dr. Dre is an evergreen and also a milestone for me when it comes to hip-hop. That now inna DubBeing able to at least stream version enriches my pool of curiosities enormously. Really great, how far all lock gates for sound and DubEffects are opened and pour over the previously dry valley. I can feel with every frequency how much fun it was for him. In any case, the pleasure is entirely mine too. Nothing against the doors! But I firmly believe that Jim Morrison is part of this genius DubVersion would also have had its pleasure. I also think it's great that his original vocals were allowed to come in here and the intro with the keyboard still gives me goosebumps that make everyone feel
Rust stain, which the old DoorsTunes might have put on, could grind back to a "silky shine". Awesome !!!
Rage Against The Mashine !!! You can not be serious ! I am downright fascinated that “The Mexican” and I have an overlap here too. Actually, RATM was far too hard stuff for me. But they very often had a groove that threw me onto the dance floor and let me fall into ecstasy.
The Chemical Brothers have rarely really grabbed me, but Tor.Ma In Dub turns them into DreadZone! If I didn't really know, I'd say this is DreadZone at its best! The formulation is not completely new, but I don't know how to get to the point any better. Actually, everyone would Dub but both create for themselves Dub from RATM as well as from the "Chemicals" pump Lake Baikal within one DubSecond dry. For me this is pure energy, which is also in the sublimeDub does not lose its elemental force.
The "PURE PLEASURE" which Tor.Ma.In Dub here at the production of this DubIt must have had it, he brought it across one to one and I too like to be carried away
this Dubs perceive as WORLD CLASS.

"I am happy and I am feeling Dub"
"I got Echoes in a box"
"I'm useless but not for ever"
"The future is coming into DUB"

"Riders On The Dub“………………………. lemmi in Dub: "I. DUB YOU its about making a remix, bootleg or version of any artist and genre just for fun.
Let me know at the comments which track or song would you like to hear inna reggae dub stylah! "

That's a great offer from Tor.Ma In Dub. I am very curious to see what mentions we read and which remixes we will soon be able to hear.

Since then I have been a fascist in the comments on youtube (wolf in sheep's clothing)
clearly - only with words - my comments have been deleted.
In contrast to this, far too many FaschoOrks are allowed to express their sick “opinion” on youtube
keep choking out without this having any consequences. As long as every little boob is censored and fascism is celebrated at the same time, I'll be youtube
at most as dubConsider iose source of information.
That's why I write mine DubWishes, if desired, at most here in the DubBlog.

"Get Up Stand Up" …………………. lemmi

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