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"Transnational Dubstep "vs. Forty Thieves Orkestar," Last Band Standing "

Dubstep - the big hype of the last few years. After initial enthusiasm, I quickly became disillusioned: Compared to Dub war Dubstep is often simply boring. In addition, the reggae offbeat is missing, which makes the matter questionable anyway. But now I'm on a very, very exciting and, to my taste, very, very good one Dubstep sampler: “Generation Bass Presents: Transnational Dubstep "(Six Degrees). What the presented here Dubstep so extraordinary is the eponymous "transnational" sound. Because here the wobble bass and the percussion loops mix with elements of traditional world music, such as Arabic chants, cumbia, Balkan beats, gipsy swing, Sufi music or even Far Eastern harmonies. The result is an absolutely organic compound of Dubstep and world music. Usually rather monotonous Dubstep becomes a veritable firework of polyrhythmics, syncopated beats, strange melodies and weird instrumentation. The sampler was compiled by the operator of the influential Dubstep blogs

Let's go one step further and cross the line of with “Last Band Standing” (Enja) from Forty Thieves Orkestar Dub and reggae towards world music completely. Since 1994 there has been the mixed combo from London and Istanbul, the Balkan gypsy beats and belly dance with strong reggae and Dub-Influences connects. Brass, clarinets, violins, accordion and percussive beats become a fascinating mélange, where you always think you can hear a reggae beat. The rhythms are wonderfully complex and yet unreservedly groovy, the melodies are catchy and yet strange and the studio mix reserved and yet full of finesse. I think there is no hiding that I fell in love with this album - even if it was close to it Dub can only be attested with good will. But the album offers everything that is good Dub must have: good instrumental music, interesting beats, virtuoso studio work, great musical ideas and, last but not least, a fat groove. Only the bass dominance and that are missing Dubeffects - the for Dub are, however, confirming. Well, I can twist and turn it: Dub it isn't - but it's still great!

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