Tsadqan: Dub Meditation

If you are only a little interested in reggae, you cannot avoid typical Nyahbinghi chants. My first contacts with Nyahbinghi Songs were actually “Rastaman Chant” by Bob Marley & The Wailers, followed by Bunny Wailer's “This Train”, Cultures “So long Babylon a fool I”, IJahman's “Zion Hut”, Bob Marley's “Babylon System” and of course albums by Ras Michael (Dadawah) and the parade copy par excellence: Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari “Grounation”. Even Jimmy Cliff opened his 1980s concerts with the Nyahbinghi Chant "Bongo Man".
The style of music that Rasta and percussionist Oswald Williams alias Count Ossie, who died in 1976, created together with The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari from its early beginnings in the late 1950s to the groundbreaking milestone “Grounation” (1973) and beyond, that is still today The foundation of "Kings Music", i.e. roots reggae.
The Nyahbinghi seances, also called Reasonings or Grounations, exerted an enormous influence on almost all Jamaican musicians, from Prince Buster, Rico, Cedric "IM" Brooks, Tommy McCook to Bob Marley and many other Foundation Artists. Even Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, an outspoken reggae fan, is enthusiastic about the classic Nyahbinghi sound and therefore produced two albums for the Wingless Angels - a group around Justin Hinds - in the early 1990s. Almost every music lover in the world has known at least one Nyahbinghi song since 1993, namely "Oh Carolina" in the version of Shaggy. Produced by Prince Buster in 1958 with the Folkes Brothers and Count Ossies Afro combo, the original was released in 1960.

Nyahbinghi is derived from an East African territorial movement that opposed European imperialism and was active in various African states from 1850 to 1950. This movement also inspired many Jamaicans to oppose British colonialism in the 50s. This music then got its name from Jamaica and became the musical pillar of the Rasta religion and its followers.

Let's get to the actual project of "Tsadqan: Dub Meditation", the Dub-Album to "The Tsadiq Nyahbinghi". The current album takes us far back in time when the Nyahbinghi style was brought to life. The classical instrumentation: Thunder, Funde and Repeater or also called Kete, was combined to unique melodies by means of an electric bass, sparingly used guitar solos and keyboard interludes. This created a beautiful new mix in which tradition and modern times merge into a unique atmosphere. "Dub Meditation ”contains twelve tracks, two per track Dubs, in classic NyahbinghiDub-Style. The first ten tracks were discreet by Nick Manasseh, who is not unknown here, in his new London studio, that is to say: without major ones DubGimmicks, mixed. The last two tracks on the album are two unreleased bonus tracks from the opus "Shakaroot meets Tsadqan" and here Petah Sunday was allowed to show his mixing talent. The first ten tracks are unreleased Dub-Cuts from the 2020 album "Tsadqan - The Tsadiq Nyahbinghi", which have been withheld until now and only played in a few live performances.

Those who get involved in this typical, unadulterated sound will experience the meditative effect on their own body and rise into the air and glide like on the wings of an eagle. The sound is truly back to the Cradle of Roots Music made in Basel, Switzerland.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Thank you for your detailed historical classification Ras Vorbei!
I already knew a lot, but some things are new to me ...
An album that I listen to very often and that inspires me a lot, especially in its simplicity and monotony ...

Originally this is "death to all white oppressors music" and that is exactly the rhythm where I have to go. In the meantime they have probably checked that there are also really bad orcs among the black Africans, who would ideally not have been born in the first place. Very brutal ones weighted especially like to "take on" unarmed women and children.
Therefore the term Nyahbinghi was expanded to include this knowledge and means "death to all black and white oppressors". Which means that you can now save yourself the list of "bright" colors. So it is music that suppresses EVERYONE, to put it mildly, wishing the plague on your neck and I agree with that wholeheartedly.
Perhaps it is my own anger about all these inadequacies in our asocial social disaster that makes me feel like deep satisfaction every blow from thunder, finds and repeaters. I don't bother to calculate exact numbers, because even a refugee is too many. But the many people who are on the run around the world because this pays off and pays off really well for some financial orcs have been innocently driven into this misery and nobody feels moved by this situation
to change even the slightest. "NYABINGHI !!!" I would like with all my heart that all orks (from putin to trump and baiden, all bolzonaros and assads to lukaschenkos and people like zuckerberg and rockefellers consorts) on their earlobes, nicely excited for a long time Clothesline hangs and then dangles there as a daunting example. True to the motto, check out these taugenixen. Actually you should kill them, but with all the anger I feel, killing is not as close to me as the orcs, who not only have no qualms about killing, but really enjoyed killing. I would love to ask you personally, “WHAT'S UP WITH YOU ?!” When was your humanity driven out ?! (... or are you actually orcs ?!) You want to be our country fathers and you behave like Kf (you know what word should be here, but I don't know what your anger is like about all this shit. I don't know how far you can open your collar before it bursts). My collar bursts at least verbally with every news broadcast.
I can't get the pictures out of my head either, which I recently had to endure on the TV again. Somewhere in Africa children stood in a long line in front of a barren wall from which a small pipe came. About 40 liters of water per hour (!!!) trickled out of it. It takes half an hour to fill a canister with 20 liters of water!
(Sorry, you could have worked that out yourself, but that's how the misery becomes clear). Nestle, on the other hand, can draw on the full and sells the COMMON GOODS
WATER, which every African is morally and legally entitled to for as much money as an average “earning” African can barely afford. ! NYABINGHI! Bomb Them! Shoot Them! Hang Them! BURN THEM! Boom A Yeh !!! You have to be clear about that! A Swiss company (as far as I know) sells the water to the Africans in Africa, which they give the Africans through dubhave "redeemed" ios business and empty promises. And our ursula speaks of European values ​​in Brussels!?! And to top it all off, musicians from Switzerland make what is probably the most original music that ever came from Africa. You can't get more decadence!?
Indeed !! Personally, I can easily go one better, because I actually like the record. Yes, what is it now? I've gotten pretty wrong! Is nothing to just save the world for a moment.
In the past (when I was even more naive than today) I would have liked to have been a “Recruting Soldier Of JAH Army” in Peter Tosh's troupe, but firstly this army is still missing and secondly my brain is a bit too soft for that. Verbally I can always freak out a bit and beat the drum, but in concrete terms I'm just a limp "washcloth" without a solid plan.
There will probably be no Hancock pulling the orcs on the clothesline, but we humans urgently need something like a JAH Army that is always there when heads of state are not serving their people with body and soul; when dolphins and rhinos are brutally slaughtered and not even allowed to experience the grace of killing; when people, who in principle live on the largest water reservoir on earth, have to drink from a rusty trickle, while others drink champagne at a price of 100.000 euros and imagine that they can’t get any more powder without rhinoceros, shark and dolphin powder. NYABINGHI !!!

Yes sorry Ras Your review is really very informative again and also illuminates the background of reggae and Dub very well by making it clear that it is without Nyabinghi
probably no progressive and aggressive reggae. Music that not only (but also) leads us to believe that “everything is so beautiful” and “oh ick love you so”, but music that shakes us up or at least shakes us up.
There are people who (in other forums) take up the startling and sometimes subversive text passages from decades-old and recurring reggae revelations and “brush” them on their false flags. There are “demonstrations” of empty thinkers drifting sharply to the right, on which “Get Up Stand Up” by Bob Marley and The Wailers is played. The very often recurring encouragement of the RASTAS or reggae artists "WAKE UP" or "WAKE UP AND LIFE" is also only too gladly translated into German by the right-wing orcs and culminates in the request that we should really soon " should wake up ”. False Fake Flag Drag - queen!
In addition, people join today who then completely mess up the whole thing and want to push a Rasta text that recurs in the good old tradition into the right corner. Only because they either never wanted to look beyond lovers reggae or because they simply did not notice that the right-wing orcs are using the "HookLines" of the reggae artists and thus putting them in the wrong light. False Fake Flag Drag - queen! I do not know whether these other forums are not all infiltrated by right-wing orcs or whether there are only people hanging around who simply do not buckle up or who simply lack the necessary background to really understand reggae.
I am overjoyed that besides myself there are also others who, with very simple food for thought, create clear relationships in the minds of the confused. Provided that you are not completely confused and obscured by the MultimediaFalseFlagDrag-queen show.

I like the disc ;-) ………………………. lemmi

And again ! Sorry Ras

I actually wanted to ask your forgiveness that I couldn't think of anything better for your great review than my interpretation of "Nyabinghi" ... ..

But somehow there was too much pressure on my head again, which occasionally resembles a dud that did not go off in World War II and now has to deal with the concentrated load of explosive bullshit.

At the moment I could really “hug” the whole world again ;-) ……… .. lemmi

All right, lemmi. Thank you for your reasoning about (just) some grievances and infamy on this planet. Nyahbinghi means ...

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