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Tubby Isiah: Rising High

As you know, I'm the one who holds the Steppers flag up - and I have a new favorite album: Tubby Isiah, "Rising high“(Moonshine Recordings). Tubby who? Cool name that immediately makes it clear what it's about - about Dub namely. But who is behind it? On the web you can find the info that it is about the new project of Javon Ives and his dad, Jason Ives. Javon Who? Such a narrow-minded one can do that Dubhead as I don't know, of course: Javon Ives is a soul R'n'B producer and singer. Maybe dad is into reggae and Dubwhat could be the reason for "Rising High". Be that as it may, they both have a really good one DubAlbum created. Apparently they know what they're doing. By the way, “Steppers” doesn't say everything about the tracks. There are nice, mellow one drop beats too. Even an easy one Dub-Techno-inspired piece can be heard. Overall, however, everything is maximally harmonious, soft, warm and bassy. Since the work also has a chic cover, I am giving it five stars with a clear conscience.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

One reply to "Tubby Isiah: Rising High"

Too bad René!

We haven't had one for a while now DubAlbum, which we could celebrate together.

I'm starting to feel like Tommy Guerrero. I don't play a guitar and nothing else, but I can mine
Soon no longer read comments myself. The DubThe atmosphere is not that bad here, however (and that says hello every day
Marmot) these "basslines" are real to R.and B. - moderate. Or as what is understood by rab today. At times of
Motown it felt really good to me, but now rhythm and blues has long since died for me.
With such slack "basslines" (I think the name bassline for that is hugely exaggerated) you can get an old reggae - and Dub -
Really not to send the connoisseur into a storm of enthusiasm.
I'm sorry that no other opinion made it into the comments here. So you have to live with my opinion again.

Rub A Dub Style …………… .. lemmi

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