Tuff Scout Presents: Out On The Floor Dub

(This text has been machine translated.) I admit it. I have "Out on the floor Dub“purchased and downloaded as a digital release from Tuff Scout. The album is a devoted homage to the good old record stores and their treasures: vinyl records. Well, my digital faux pas is indicative, because those shops that we used to visit so regularly (it was always Saturday mornings for me) to look for new material for our music addiction hardly exist anymore. How this ritual was like in the relevant London reggae shops Dub Vendor or Lasco's Music Den , describes Steve Barrow wistfully in his beautiful liner notes for this album (which, by the way, is on the Bandcamp page to be read). Oh, those were the days! Sure, some shops are still there today, but they are almost under monument protection or are classified as cultural heritage. They have long outgrown the sphere of everyday life and mainly deal with historical pressings and memorabilia. Gone are the days of the 7 “pre-releases from JA.

One of those heritage stores is Out on the Floor Records in Camden, London. A relic of the 1990s - but still active. In addition to soul, funk, rock, punk, etc. there is one thing above all: reggae vinyl, because Jake, one of the three operators, is a fanatical collector of historical JA pressings. The man also runs the reggae label Tuff Scout, which publishes new recordings, but they always sound like they have 50 years under their belt. "Out on the floor Dub“Is now a collection of Dub-Version of the label, produced and mixed by Gil Cang and Demus. Unfortunately, Jake mainly expresses himself in the medium of music, which is why there is hardly any background information on the actors and their productions. But it doesn't matter, because the only thing that matters is what comes out at the back, as I used to say, referring to our old-old Chancellor. And that is - Lemmi will surely agree with me - definitely worth a vinyl pressing. Really beautiful old school Dub, but with a better sound. Excitingly mixed and combined to a superb Dub-album with a perfect flow.

By the way, while we get the download beamed into the media library with a trivial boring cover, the vinyl is adorned with a fantastic illustration. It shows the store in Camden (including “LKJ in Dub“ in the shop window, my first Dub-Record!). Jake is standing in the doorway. The back of the cover shows what is going on behind him: a crowd of people as it was last seen in a record store in 1999.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Yeah man !!!

And if I agree with you René! Something like that has to be immortalized on Black Magic Plastic. I think plastic lasts long enough to end up being buried with those discs. Or you can be burned and cremated together with it. In any case, you also have something in your hand for what comes out at the back …… mmmh, that sounds a bit unfortunate now and maybe creates the wrong film in your head. So what I mean is, music that is so good deserves a nice cover and a supporting medium in the form of material, tangible light that is atomically organized into vinyl. This absolutely needs a groove (2) into which you can gently dip the needle. Only in this way will my pleasure be complete!
When I checked out the new releases in the DubI listened to the blog, it was actually clear to me that there was still something to come. Just listening to it and adding it to the data or files would have been a bit of “blasphemy”. And I am particularly pleased that you have again given a review on a really really good one DubYou are allowed to write a disc ;-) ………… .. mostly you have to make the “Stepper Steps” palatable to us here - due to the equalizing justice. which is still a pretty tough job for you, because we - but especially me - much prefer it DubHeard like Tuff Scout! Where steppers also feel good to me. See or hear, for example, "A peoples Sound".
Alone, the first few sounds almost sound like the resurrection of Carlton Barrett and make really good ones DubWhim. It is above all the drums that improvise very skillfully and set the right accents in the magical places. This is what he does DubMaster very nice, fine effects that make the sound of the snare but also all the other toms - and I don't know what it's all called - a real experience for me. It just creates additional variety on all drums that the drums have to offer. Whether that is for each and every one of them Dub is so understandable for everyone, I don't know, but it stuck with me. And with the percussions, magic is also carried out, which - for me - intensifies the magic even more. The basslines leave nothing to be desired with me, even if they are not all brand new to me. Still, they are fantastic!

"Really nice old schoolDub, only with a thicker sound. Excitingly mixed and one Dub-Album combined with perfect flow. "

Anyway, there is no better way to describe it! For me everything is right on point and especially the variable effects on the drums and again especially on the percussions
make this album a document of the times for me, which contains all definitions of DUB carries and pays homage.

Was there anything else? Oh yes, there is one thing that I can get excited over and over again for hours. If the snare sounds like someone is clapping their hands, like with "A body music special", I need a bag that is part of the basic equipment when flying, for people who do not cope with turbulence so well . This is just about to be endured for me and is also grumbling at a high level. Otherwise I can only say that I “like” the disc so much that I would really like to add it to my holy grails as a vinyl disc. Since that doesn't work yet, because my shop doesn't have it yet, I consoled myself with the also very successful “Inna London Dub“!!!

This Is Dub ! This Is Life! …………………. lemmi

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