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Various Artists: !! Dub !! Dub !! Dub !! Vol. 2

Anyone looking for this album on a streaming service can despair. Entering the title brings everything to light - just not this sampler that is absolutely worth listening to: Various Artists, "!! Dub !! Dub !! Dub !! Vol. 2 " (Elastica). An exciting collection of Dub-Productions from around the world, curated by Elastica man TuzZy and Neil Perch from Zion Train / Universal Egg. What the two have brought together here can perhaps be described as a progressive sound systemDub describe. Huh? That means: sophisticated, modern Dub-Productions with stylistic closeness to steppers - but much more than kick drum and bass drum. In other words, sophisticated, cleverly composed productions that still make no compromises in terms of dynamics and drive. Intellectual sound system feed, so to speak. I like it exceptionally well. Although stylistically from one piece, the tracks turn out to be surprisingly varied. They all have distinctive melodies, inspired arrangements, great sound and always driving beats. Sometimes beautiful vocal interludes, sometimes instrumental solos, sometimes just a crazy mix: there is absolutely no boredom here. It would be my job to explain to someone ignorant what is more modern Dub ideally, I think I would play this album for him.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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"Anyone looking for this album on a streaming service can despair."
But if you enter “label: elastica” on Spotify, you will immediately get the desired result. And a whole range of elastica material on top. I let myself be drifted progressively through my working day ...

And whoever has the “Deep In Dub“Listen to the gtkriz playlist regularly, at least some of it will have been heard several times. I especially like the “Neena Dub“Remained in very positive memories. But the data are all really good Dub
for my taste. The tip with “label elastica” also helped a lot to find the entire data package again.
So I would like to buy it as a professional CD or double LP, but I have my fears ...
In the general streaming swamp it will drown and be forgotten, I already know that. It would just be a shame, because it is a very weird one, precisely for the reasons René mentioned Dub-Work with a lot of variety
and imaginative ideas. Exactly the opposite of “kick drum and bass drum” a la Uk-steppers. It becomes clear again that it's not the Steppers - Riddim, the Uk. Steppers (for me) makes it so boring and dreary, but rather the insufficiently “sophisticated, cleverly composed productions that still do not compromise on dynamics and drive.” “Intellectual sound system feed, so to speak” !!! I miss all of that with Uk-Steppers and when it comes to "intellectual progressive sound system - Dub“It becomes even clearer why I always like the typical Uk-steppers sound
stupid and unimaginative. Nevertheless, Uk-steppers is still better than ………………. "no matter".
I find the expression “bass roller” very telling! A roller simply flattens everything. It basically kills everything.
On the other hand, I like it much better when the bass doesn't just roll everything flat, but when it plows the ground,
loosens it up and creates space and space for new life. Tell It to The Children! There are basslines that even have so much power that they tear open an asphalt that has been flattened by UkSteppers without batting an eyelid, plow up and transform it back into pure nature. If you know what I mean !!!

What kind of HackerCode do I need for DUB DUB DUB Enter vol.1? …………. lemmi

Hi lemmi. You can find Vol. 1 by entering label: elastica in the spotify search, then clicking on “Show all albums” and scrolling down the list.

All right!

Thank you Lauzelot. Usually I figure it out on my own, but today this possibility really didn't cross my mind. And someone like me prefers to hear “intellectuals Dub"……………… .. tsssssssss (???)

Ok, until ………………… lemmi

Nice compilation that I would not have found again without him Dubblog. Now Dubam at a home office near you! -

Unfortunately, I can't find Volume 1 that way, not even in the browser, but it doesn't do anything either. First give me the "2".

I can't find the ooooch !!!

No matter what I don't know doesn't make me hot! ………………………………. lemmi

Your comparison between roller and plow is really very nice! In principle, I am completely d'accord. But sometimes, in a special mood, rollers also appear to me to be very impressive machines ;-).


High René!

Did you have to do the part ( Dub!Dub!Dub! ) necessarily find? Now it makes me hot !!! ;-)

There are the steppersDubs on it, which I can totally go for. Even the first one kicks me in the marrow. Really fresher
happy and powerful steppers with a lot of "fuss" around it. I'm fully there! But I find the whole "disc"
really gone. Even some elements that are also in the Dubstep were used (in my opinion, however, first in the Dub appeared) pitch me in rapture. Really good stuff for me. The makers of the DubTunes a
almost identical conception of Dub (or how music should sound) like me.

Or was my daily shape even better than the music? …………………… lemmi

High Knight Lauzelot!

(Again there is no answer button on offer. Therefore here.)

Thanks for the Spotify link, now I can at least put it in my playlist.

Even if the "12 Monkeys" are still screwing around ............... DUB BLOG rules !!! ……………… lemmi

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