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Various: King Size Dub - Reggae Germany Downtown - Chapter 3

Dub has long since emancipated himself from his Jamaican fathers and so did the second Dub-Generation of the UK steppers is about to retire. In the meantime, many small home studio frickers have taken the helm and are tinkering with sometimes inclined, sometimes neat quilting Dubs. As we all know, France is way ahead, but if you look closely you can see that we are no less creative here in Germany Dub- have a scene - which, however, prefers to work more in secret. So it takes courageous curators who go on a search, align their seismographs with subsonic bass waves and record offbeat weather. Two of them are based in Hamburg: Nicolai Beverungen, Echo Beach label boss and Karsten Frehe, one of the operators of the Irieites website. They both worked together on Chapter 2 four years ago. At "King size Dub - Reggae Germany Downtown - Chapter 3 " (Echo Beach), however, Karsten has taken over the direction. “When making the selection, it was clear from the start that the German DubScene should be depicted as diverse as possible, ”he explains. “In addition to gathering well-known strategists like Felix Wolter, Aldubb, The Senior Allstars, Umberto Echo and others, it was important to me to look for new faces and sounds. "Okay, let's hear who Karsten discovered:" For example Brian May aka Beam Up, whom I really like guess. He has a new one Dub of his first-class tune “Hanabi Dub“Contributed. Or Irie Worryah from Detmold, who has been attracting attention for years with his fresh remixes. Eddie Domingo and Jah Schulz have recently come into my focus. Eddie Domingo comes from the Irieites environment. He has been working in silence for years and with "Dub Coming “feat. Italee a great one takeDub laid down. Interestingly enough, in his "Dubrise “does without the offbeat. Still, the tune pumps a lot for my ears. I was also blown away by the Frost & Wagner production with Tetrack “In These Times”. What a voice and what a flow! I immediately noticed similarities to late Bim Sherman tracks. I was also very happy to have a Jahtari production with Roger Robinson with me. Together with Disrupt he has a current version of Dub Poetry brought back to the future, which is extremely critical of today's wounds. ”So much for Karsten. The only thing missing is my judgment. It reads: Karsten is one hundred percent right.

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So, after a short pause in comment, I can finally let off some "steam" again.
What you discussed there in the riddim has been screaming for me for a long time that I really want to write something about it. Among other things, Cold Cut mixed by Adrian Sherwood. I've already checked out a sample at Sounds very mystical at first. Whatever a basis for very good ones Dub is. Let's see if the disc becomes a long-awaited On-U. Disc or if it goes more in the direction of Primal Scraem, which initially also flashed me, but now just bores me. But that's not the point here.
King Size Dub I always buy discs without listening first. 7 euros is really a benefit price for the discs.
Got it (in the player) and immediately found it to be good. The Dubs splashed solidly to himself at first, without having to say “BOAH EY! Watn DUB ! ”- feeling. Then at some point came the Tetrack part and yes, now it did, Boah Ey! Watn Tune! Dub It's just a bit like that in the end, but it doesn't matter, BIG TUNE Dat!
The very detailed analysis is of course your thing. I limit myself to the initially most striking cornerstones. JAH Schulz's thing is also a house number, but then he comes back, that one DUB that my dreams are made of. TVS or Felix Wolter (as far as I know). This BASSLINE !!! THAT INSANE BASSLINE !!! I always call this bassline the CussCuss-Riddim Bassline without really knowing whether that is exactly the case. It doesn't seem that original in the TVS version either, but who always wants plagiarism. Regardless, even if it is slightly modified, it has lost nothing of GROOVE in a second. In any case, TVS has already recorded all 5 stars for the entire album with this bassline. But it's not just the bassline. Everything about this DUB is the first whipped cream, as the Austrians would say. Then come the Aldubb stuff, especially the last piece on this sampler. I can't write any more details yet, because I first heard the whole thing through. TVS, on the other hand, has already been clicked about 5 times individually.
Nice that you are also talking about the Jahtari-Roger Robinson Connection here. The only thing is: I have the entire disc at home (vinyl - maybe there will be a CD with “bonuses”) and I count it as one of my best snacks in recent years. Super disc !!! However, I find it “alarming” that they put the only piece on the sampler that I really don't like that much. Any other tune would have been better in my opinion. Alarming because I'm afraid that the other pieces won't belong to the creme de la creme of the respective album. How super good must the TVS record be if the "CussCuss-Dub“Supposed to be the worst. Ok, it's all theory ……… ..

“The vocal version is the bonus for us dear reggae friends” or how did you put it so nicely?!? In any case, I smiled deliciously.

Greetings ………………………… lemmi

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