Vibronics Meets Mafia & Fluxy in Brixton

Two worlds come together in a wonderfully harmonious way: Steve Vibronics, veteran of the UKDub and Mafia & Fluxy, British rhythm twins and hit producers. While the former stands for classic UK sound system culture, the latter are more protagonists of classic reggae and lovers rock. In any case, they are both classics. But Mafia & Fluxy can also be different. on "Vibronics Meets Mafia & Fluxy in Brixton" (Scoops Records) they play really hard steppers. The perfect basis for Steve Vibronics to produce exceptionally high-quality Dubs to forge (allegedly he "composed" the rhythms and just let them record them). Compared to Mr. Vibronic's recent collaborations, this album really stands out. The Rhythmstwins' sound is simply better and their arrangements more exciting. It's often the details that make a huge difference in the overall result. And here it can be stated that three perfectionists and masters of their subjects found together and together a really nice Dub- created an album.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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This Steppers-Dubdisc also very refreshing ! They are also here, the BassLines, which tend to bore me, but there are also really fat BassLines that drive you forward, which don't let me march stupidly to the front and want to burn me up as cannon fodder. The first thing to do is "Dub there road". A very exciting BassLine, which sometimes has a little "jump" in it and where a whole lot happens "above".
There's quite a lot"DubTinsel" on the keyboards, synthesizers and also on small interspersed guitar riffs. The drums, which are played here with hand and foot (a nice ambiguity), are especially tap-dance. Because of the improvisations and the whole sound of the drums alone, the whole thing just sounds really nice and lively and gives me the decisive kick. Especially since there are also many crisp, small but fine effects on the drums such as SchlagObers as the icing on the cake. The sound, for which I once valued vibronics so much, comes through better again. Especially the sound of the riddim guitar on "Sweet Dub Love”, which is probably also “doubled” by a keyboard, really fascinates me. Not the same but it reminds me a lot of the fantastic intro sound at live concerts by the Roots Radics. Vibronics has such a sound that reminds me sometimes more and sometimes less of angel bells, especially "upstairs" with everything that is "above" the bass and the drums. I don't know yet what angel bells really sound like, but that's roughly how I imagine it.
The question still arises for me, why did Vibronics now decide to engage Mafia and Fluxy and record the previously "composed" riddims. Am I not the only one who has a problem with riddims consisting entirely of ones and zeros ( very often but not always ) ha
In any case, I am very happy that a Steppers album was produced here, which also works very well according to my criteria and needs.

( I have an annoying and nasty black thing in my comment column right now that is preventing me from reading what I am writing here.
it says "Sign in to use details from one of these accounts". )
It doesn't matter, I'm happy about this cooperation and tap-dance to the beat ……………… lemmi

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