Vibronics: Woman On A Mission 2

In 2018, Steve Vibronics released an album for which he only invited female singers to contribute vocals to his productions. It had the programmatic title “Woman on a Mission” and was intended to shine a spotlight on female protagonists in the UK sound system scene. Because like generally in roots reggae, in Dub and largely even in the dancehall scene, female artistes are dramatically underrepresented. So a really well-intentioned action by the UKDub-Ursteins. Unfortunately, the musical result of his efforts wasn't really that good. What was even more important, in my opinion, was that the singers gathered here were exactly that: singers. Where were the female producers and female sound system operators? Now, six years later, the two albums are released “Woman On A Mission 2" and "Woman On A Mission 2 – The Dub Mixes(Scoops Records) and impressively correct this flaw. The first four tracks of “Woman On A Mission 2” are also vocal tracks again - this time with Carroll Thompson, Sandra Cross, Marina P and the Sisters in Dub on the microphones, but the remaining eight tracks are flawless Dubs, produced by female protagonists of the international Dub-Scene – Steve Vibronics lumps them together under “The Riddim Makers”. These are Sista Habesha from Italy, Empress Shema from the UK, Vanya O'hnec, Red Astrid Soul Steppa from the Philippines and Koko Vega from Spain. It remains unclear whether these producers brought their material with them to the Vibronics studio or developed tracks on site together with Steve Vibronics. However, the result is impressively coherent and, despite the geographical diversity, clearly bears the hallmarks of the UKDub. This in turn means that despite the exemplary commitment the album cannot win an innovation award - at a Sound System gig, however, the Steppers tracks could cause a huge sensation. Although eight of the twelve tracks collected here are already Dubs, there is an explicit one Dub-Album counterpart under the title “The Dub Mixes”. As expected, everything sounds a bit harder here, even more like four in the morning on a Sound System Night, more reverb, more bass and breakneck mixes. Of course it's important to forego the four vocal tracks here, but theirs Dub-Reincarnation is also not to be underestimated. Unfortunately there is the “Dub Mixes” are not on stream, so their enjoyment will have to be purchased with 10 British pounds, which will probably make them an exclusive listening experience.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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On most days of the year I would hardly have found good words for this radical SteppaMix. But with Vibronics I have to - because of tradition and because he always says so DubHits the right nerve – listen more closely. Actually, it's not necessary to listen so closely because some of them are different Dubs burn into my mind immediately and precisely. And that’s how it is here with “The Women Dub Mixes”!
I have to admit that most of them Dubs splash past me too stoically here, which is what happened to SteppaDub It must certainly sound very strange, but if it doesn't hit the right chord, then it just ripples with the SteppaDubs.
But I have – so far – two here Dubfound versions that really grabbed me. It's about to get off to a flying start with Carrol Thompson's
"Dub Warriors”! I can also do the vocal version very well but that Dub is just a really big music grenade or a bomb!
Unfortunately, warriors, grenades and bombs are words that have a particularly bad taste at the moment, but they sum it up best and if you use them against the “right people”, they can even bring about peace very quickly.
Unfortunately, Putin and all his consorts only ever listen to the music of power in the form of pompous and brutally pimped-out classical music and are therefore completely immune to the positive effects of music as a weapon. Wagner also fit in very well with napalm on women and children…………… even if it was just a film.
I'm sure they wouldn't be doing all this destruction and hunting of women and children if they had even a fraction of the spark for "Dub Bass Rejoice” by Empress Shema could muster this one Dub ignites for me.

Love and peace! …………………….. lemmi

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