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Vin Gordon & The Real Rock Band; Heavenless


Who can resist this name and title: "Heavenless“(Roots Garden) by Vin Gordon & The Real Rock Band? Whoever starts the first track asks himself immediately whether he is dealing with the original from 1968. The sound scrambles like Studio One, the heavenless bassline pumps and above it Vin Gordon's majestic jazz trombone. But no, the recordings are brand new! Nobody less than Master Producer and Dub-Veteran Nick Manasseh asked Mr. Gordon into the studio to record five new compositions in addition to the reinterpretation of "Heavenless" and "Revenge" (a track he originally recorded for Yabby You in 1974). And as with all plants in the Roots Garden, this one is also beautiful. Historical sound in the technical perfection of 2016. By the way: Prince Fatty and Nick Manasseh currently seem to want to outdo each other in the art of creating the perfect reggae retro sound. With "Heavenless", Mr. Manasseh is in the lead again. For the sake of order, it should be mentioned: Instead of regular Dubs, as expected, we are dealing with instrumentals on this short but strong album.

Rating 5 stars

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Full approval Rene´ !!!

I have no objections and can't add anything more.
So goes my, our favorite music.

Greetings ………… .. lemmi

Since last week, there is now the "Heavenless Extended" with six, previously unreleased, Dubs by Nick Manasseh. In view of the brevity of the original album, the question arises: "Why not just like that?"

Sip !!!

That's impossible. Review and my comment on it from 2016!?! That must be a pressure mistake or my space-time continuum is completely entangled.
Anyway, I have had this extended version since around February 2020!
Rene´ rightly gave the record full marks. I didn't have any objections back then and that's really special
Now there are those too DubIt's on and I can only say that I feel like Parcifal himself, who not only found the holy grail, but also took a big swig of it.

If you ask me, I will say it is: THE HOLY GRAIL OF DUB !!!

"YuggieYuggieYaYaYuggieYuggieYaYaYuggieYuggieYaYaYo" (or something like that) ………………………… .. lemmi

“If you ask me, I will say it is him: THE HOLY GRAIL OF DUB !!! "

Ok lemmi, now I'm throwing an album on the scales, which for me comes in this direction.

Burning Spear's best Dub-Album: "Living Dub Vol. 2 ". But the original mixed by Sylvain Morris, not the second version remixed by Barry O'Hare. Back when Bob Marley came to Dr. Josef Issels stayed in Bad Wiessee, Burning Spear hired a part of the Wailers for a short time and recorded the recordings for “Hail HIM” in the Tuff Gong Studio. Although the album is 40 years old, it keeps flashing me. Aston Barrett plays gripping bass lines, the percussions and sound effects are right, the vocal fragments are right ... for me everything fits. Undoubtedly a great moment for reggae /Dub

Hehe ... That's right, Ras!

The world is probably full of holy grails. I don't even know which version of “Living Dub Vol.2 “have or know. But that is all Dubs is about the "Hail HIM", makes me doubt that it is only this one
"Holy Grail", which I felt as such. Basically I just wanted to provoke something again in order to
to lure you out of your reserve. If someone had agreed with me unreservedly, that would still not have been the "only truth" for me.
I am always struggling for words and formulations that should somehow express my enthusiasm in words and when I last heard the record again on the weekend (actually it runs at every music session that I have held at my home in the last three months), the "Holy Grail" occurred to me.
I had a feeling that once again triggered pure megalomania in me. I can't help it, reggae and Dub give me so much power (especially in connection with "Healing Of The Nations") that I sometimes have to be careful not to go crazy. Sometimes I even have the feeling that it's just reggae, Dub and I can still save the world. For example, I also have the “only solution” for how we have to deal with the Corona crisis worldwide. But that would probably lead too far here and I would then probably make myself completely ridiculous. I haven't calculated all the details in my head yet. In any case, I am sure that it will not work as it should now. The reproduction index is rising again because the economy does not want to see that we are currently in a real fix, where making money is simply not in fashion.

Dub Is The Teacher! I'm getting things out of my head here that sensible people would probably prefer to keep to themselves, but I can't. Therefore I still write here that I have my solution for the
Coping with the corona crisis in a thread with the heading “Other” would be the best, but maybe it is also a kind of self-protection if I behave “sensibly” in this regard.

Maybe I only “suffer” from the aftermath of the weekend and have to land first to get my feet back on solid ground.

I prefer to see which version of “Living Dub Vol.2 “I have.

Until …………………. lemmi

Nothing "off-topic" RasVorei!

I'm slowly getting the feeling you all know exactly where I'm pushing around with my computer mouse.
I was on youtube and elsewhere to be clear about which version you meant.
The "problem" was and is this living Dubs (vol.2 mind you) ALL! WITHOUT EXCEPTION !!! may only and exclusively be drunk from the holy grail. Otherwise it would be a break in style!
The Hail Him Dubs definitely belong to the “Who Is Who” of DubMusic all over the world and the Universe !!!
However, I have DubVersions of Barry O Hare not yet found. There are also comments like,
"It is a remastered version and it makes no sense to remaster Reggae or Dub music because too much of the original sounds and effects are loosing “………… .. or something like that! Ok, I've come to the conclusion that someone has confused remastering with remix.
Your link to Discogs reminds me a lot of the look of my version that I have at home. The order of the titles also fits for the first time, in contrast to everything else you can find on the Internet.
Anyway, you threw a mega pound into the race to compete with my “thesis”.

I wouldn't have expected anything else from you either ;-)

Greetings in The Name of HIM ………………………. lemmi

High Ras

Since a Burning Spear album can never, at any time, be “offtopic” anywhere, I want this thing for myself
to lock.
Of course, yesterday evening I first had to check my situation at home. I have exactly THOSE that you think is RIGHT. The number and order of the titles exactly match. Maybe it's childish or somehow obsessed, but that's very important to me. I wouldn't want to miss out on such “grails”, full to the brim with “snacks”. I also inherited this record so that it has a very special status for me.
But I'm going a little too far here if I go into that in more detail.

So then, until then and even if we have already "drunk" from many holy grails, we don't stop looking for the perfect sip, right?!?

So long ………………… lemmi

"I had to take a look at home yesterday evening, of course ..."

Lemm, i that was also with “announcement”, that's exactly what I expected! ;-)
(so 17:26 pm)
But honestly, I wouldn't have done it any other way. ;-)))

Strangely enough, my Jamaica pressing doesn't have the “campfire crackling” as it is unfortunately still usual.
In any case, you have the originalDubs inherited.

Stay tuned ...

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