Violinbwoy: Død

Dark, gloomy, Violin Bwoy - can be more threatening DubIt doesn't sound like the works of this Polish Dubheads. His steppers sound is heavy, tough and with a powerful bass. Dubstep sends his regards. If you are not already prone to depression, listen to his album "Død" (Moonshine Recordings). Need to mention that “død” means “death”? But could - according to Wikipedia - also be the abbreviation of "Dance of Dead" or "Dance or Die". It doesn't matter, everything fits equally well. Incidentally, the violin boy bears his name not without good reason, since he actually studied violin playing and now prefers Debussy Dub plays. And on the title track “Død” you can actually hear his violin playing a sad melody. Fits perfectly with the heavy bass. Violinbwoy could have done more often. Otherwise he prefers to use exotic samples, sirens and Dub Poetry or sometimes really nice singing, z. B. by Marina P or Dan I. In this way, he succeeds in doing a particularly great feat: gaining a new side from the not exactly innovative genre “steppers”.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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