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Weeding's last album Dubwas not my thing. Two years have passed and the Dub-Producer from Lille, France, had time to improve his skills. Now his new opus is available: "Still looking for“(Wise & Dubwise) and I have to say: Wow, the guy is not taking any prisoners! If he last mentioned Mad Professor as an influence, he should now rather name Kanka, Vibronics or Iration Steppas. His beats are built correspondingly simple - but the strength lies in simplicity. The first track begins as a wolf in sheep's clothing with a classic cello quartet, which unexpectedly leads to a drum and bass orgy, the strings become the lead instrument and reminiscent of the earlier recording by the Twinkle Brothers, “Inna Higher Heights " remind. This is followed by five hard-boiled vocal tracks and then six official steppersDubs that show where the hammer hangs. Actually, they do DubIt's only really fun in the sound system, but if you - like me, of course - own really big boxes and also - like me - also fire a subwoofer, you can be charmed by the brutal weeding beats in your own four walls if the statics and the neighbor play along.

Rating 4 stars

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Is that only available as mp3? It would be a shame. Weeding's “Steppactivism” would be recommended Dub, from 2009. Really fat steppas, I like it even better than “Still Looking For” when listening, because less vocals, more pressure.

Weeding Dub hasn't made it onto my shelf yet. Not because I don't like it, but because I don't like it enough. Your description hits the point again! Above all, the thing with the cello or the cellos really gets going for me too. I think the vocal tracks are a bit thin (on the surface), but otherwise that would be a useful disc for me. When I was young, my ears were always equipped with headphones and I heard music practically everywhere. But I've been away from it for a long time. But work forces me more and more to fall back into my old habits. Therefore, discs like this would be perfect for downloading the best snacks from them onto mp3, putting on good headphones and then floating around in a groovy manner.

Bass thunderstorm is better than a hail of bombs …………………. lemmi

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