Well Chared: Vital Dub

I Roy would say when he saw the cover: "Well, this guy is loaded with dynamite and now he is well charged."
So, to wrap up my Mighty Diamonds Dubtrilogy there is now an album which at first glance does not indicate any connection with the Mighty Diamonds. "Well Chared: Vital Dub(Virgin Records) was originally on the Hookim brothers' Well Charge label entitled: Vital Dub Strictly Rockers” before it was released in England and hit like a bomb.
The cover alone got a lot of my friends interested in this album and led to a lot of speculation: “The guy clearly had more than one pull on that spliff. The spliff looks like it's just been lit, while the guy looks like he's already got three dowels in... In that state, he can't even make a triangle ring, etc."

Ok, back to the topic at hand: the riddims that are on this classic Dub-Set from 1976 are, with one exception, from the undisputed masterpiece of the Mighty Diamonds: "The Right Time" aka "I Need A Roof" and this connection alone has earned the reputation of "Vital Dub“ reasoned. Although no band is named on the album cover, a quick look at the line-up (despite some aliases) and it's obvious that the rhythms of this work were recorded by the early revolutionaries: drummer Sly Dunbar, bassist "Ranchie" McLean ( partial replacement for Robbie Shakespeare), keyboardist Ansel Collins and all the other usual suspects are mentioned. Joseph "Jo Jo" Hookim and keyboardist Ossie Hibbert sat at the mixing desk. The mix is ​​mostly a straight-through of the rhythms that are still unparalleled to this day. The solid production is a remarkable instrumental collection Dubs. The tracks are versions of classic Mighty Diamonds songs from their prolific Front Line period (Virgin/Caroline), including Dubs of "Go Seek Your Rights" (presented here as "Cell Block 11") and the anthem of suffering "I Need a Roof" ("Roof Top Dub"). As is typical of hookim productions, the Dub-Arrangements idiomatic without being terribly innovative. Nevertheless, the instrumental tracks on which the tracks are based are and remain milestones. "Vital Dub“ is one of the Dubalbums that established the riddim twins Sly and Robbie. Anyone who wants a gentle introduction to the world of Dubs searches could be a lot worse off than starting with this.

Sly Dunbar recalls: “When we made the riddim for 'Right Time,' the Diamonds weren't in the studio. I went back to Channel One to hear the vocals and I said, 'This is wicked.'

I can only agree with that opinion.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Every now and then I've thought about whether I should or shouldn't put a profile picture of myself here so that you can get a better picture of me. Well, you have to take a picture first. You have to hammer that into the computer or almost hack it, then somehow transfer it until you finally have it somehow as a profile picture
can use. “One small step for mankind but a giant leap for lemmi” …… or actually just a few mouse clicks …. too much for lemmi.
I know not everyone can relate to the "soon come" Jamaican philosophy of life, but basically I could also have been the co-founder of this philosophy. She speaks 100% from my heart. However, if you occasionally suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, "soon come" can be interpreted quite differently. But so far so good......
Now the problem with the profile picture has already been solved by itself. I have a slightly different complexion but the facial expression looks very familiar to me. Well, I have to admit that it ALWAYS (!) feels much better than it looks ;-) ………….
All I can say about the music behind the cover is BassLines! As a start for "DubAddictionism” I personally would have had a bit more Dubatmosphere can use. It sounds more like it Dub but felt like instrumental it's exactly the opposite. I don't get that magical at all Dubfeeling, I have to admit. But I don't care about those riddims either. The riddims are GREAT!!! There is also a little "CimbleStyle" and rustling, as is usual with "Chanel No.1", but that is within very pleasant limits. I don't want to make a single ironic "note" anymore. The riddims are just too good for that. I've already mentioned here that I've never become such a big fan of the Mighty Diamonds (oh man, I would have stuck to the irony). For me, “Right Time” aka “I need a roof” is one of the first reggae records I ever bought. So I've known her for a long time, but somehow she never really knocked my socks off, I have to admit. It also has a very limp sound to me. But that's just a side thing.
All in all, I agree that DubMusic produced with the sentiment suggested by the cover photo works best in most cases. This effect is multiplied and exposed when you listen to it, approaching the state that both the producer and the dread on the cover must have been in.
Funny sentence?!? So I wanted to say that you should be loaded with dynamite and well charged, um Dub to get to the bottom of it as much as possible. Of course you can also be "clean" but I'm not DubVersion of "I can see clearly now" known. And honestly, that wouldn't make any sense to me either. If I Dub hear, I prefer it to be foggy or completely cloudy. So foggy that the ganja drips off the walls and all objects, such as Salvador Dali's clocks that melt, dissolve into time and space on the event horizon. Or at least something like that ;-)

“Free from Sense” …………….. lemmi

Really great, the rhythm section was the formidable 'riddim' duo of Sly and Robbie. Sly Dunbar's drumming is a web of syncopation and poly-rhythms that beautifully compliments the melodies and the horn section. Overall, the complete album oozes magnificence, and it is rightly placed as one of the greatest reggae albums of all time. If the harmonies do not grab you, the rhythms will.

"Right Time" by The Might Diamonds is a classic that belongs in every record collection. For me, the album is one of the best that reggae has ever produced. In addition to the lyrics, the music also plays a crucial role in the success of the album. That's another reason why it's wonderful to learn in this context that there's also a Dubalbum with these magical riddims exists. Thanks for the nice tip!

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