Yabby You: Beware Dub


Everyone knows Dicky Burton's anthem "Beware, god is watching you", produced by Yabby You. Now here are those Dub-Versions to: "Beware Dub“(Pressure Sounds). And that in two versions: The fantastic one Dub-Original as well as a previously unreleased and even from today's perspective absolutely extraordinary mix, which only consists of organ offbeats and vocals. A nice prelude to a successful re-release of this legendary album from 1978. An album, by the way, that is different from others Dub-Works by Yabby You, not considered all in one go DubAlbum was produced and mixed, but actually was something like a Yabby You 7 ”B-side sampler. The rhythms were recorded by the Revolutionaries and the Gladiators and the Dubs optionally mixed by King Tubby or Prince Jammy. In addition to the ten tracks of the original, the rerelease was supplemented by a further six tracks, of which the Tommy McCook instrumental "Sensiena" is particularly worth mentioning.

Rating 4 stars

One reply to “Yabby You: Beware Dub"

I actually wanted to shut up about this, but I still have some time.
Basically I don't want to say anything against all these re-releases, because I've already filled a lot of holes with them myself. Here, too, I might have two versions, not exactly exactly like that, but I think I'm well stocked when it comes to Yabby You.

At some point someone puts one of the two versions on the plate at some dance (in the warm up) and then I ask myself, hmmmm ....... why do I actually have almost everything from Yabby You but this version is exactly what I am missing ?!

Well, sometimes you just have to have a little courage to take a gap.

Greetings …………………… lemmi

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