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Youtie & Macca Dread: Nomad Skank

When we speak of trumpet in reggae, two or three names spontaneously come to mind: Johnny "Dizzy" Moore, Bobby Ellis and David Madden. Since the first album "Silver Wind" by Juliette Bourdeix aka Youtie from 2018, we can add an interpreter to the list. Youtie started playing the trumpet at the age of 6 and started studying classical trumpet at the Paris Conservatory at the age of 17, where she now works as a professor and teaches trumpet playing. She also trained in jazz and improvisation with Ibrahim Maalouf, a French-Lebanese jazz trumpeter and composer. In summer 2019, Youtie & Macca Dread was released "Nomad Skank"(Youtie Records), an instrumentalDub-Album with many sources of inspiration: Reggae, Rocksteady, Ska, Jazz, Balkans, Oriental, Jewish (Klezmer), Spanish-Andalusian and classical music. Both Youtie with her trumpet and numerous melodic arrangements, as well Dubmaster Macca Dread and his mix know how to impress. On the 16 tracks of the album, the oriental influences on tracks like "Oriental Skank" or "Monkey Temple" with wonderful flute playing can be heard very nicely. But also the classic roots reggae like in “Double Rainbow”, “The Wild Horn” and “Irie Land” are by no means neglected. It sounds Andalusian-Spanish with “Al-Andalus”, swing-jazzy with “Swing City”, Cuban with “Jaruco” and Asian with “Pagoda”. In short, a colorful mixture of different musical styles, but all of them from reggae and Dub are inspired and grounded. An excellent musical tour of the world in reggae beat like a piece.
The album is extremely well arranged and not a single second is boring. Above all, the oriental themes give me a lot of fun and put me in a good mood. Comparing Youtie with her famous oriental trumpeter and teacher Ibrahim Maalouf is not too difficult for me here. Nevertheless, “Nomad Skank” bears the very personal signature of Youtie & Macca Dread.

The album also features Youtie's two sisters, Jalaya (Alice Bourdeix) on flute and Clara (Bourdeix) on violin. Macca Dread single-handedly made the riddims in his studio. "Nomad Skank" is an almost overlooked highlight in the reggae sky and reflects a cultural mix that makes up the true wealth of humanity.

PS: Yout (h) ie is sometimes written with and sometimes without an "h". She herself says that the "h" on the cover is wrong!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

4 responses to "Youtie & Macca Dread: Nomad Skank"

Woah ... very nice album! Thanks for introducing Ras Vorbei. More like an instrumental album than Dub, but that doesn’t detract from the beauty (I personally don’t think “Swing City” is so cranky, but it’s only one of 16). What is your star rating like?

When I read the review and your comments on it, my heart becomes very warm. Here I feel safe and at the cutting edge. I found her debut (?) About two years ago to be rather slack and much too good, so now she has packed me full with Nomad Skank. Their melodies and impregnations fulfill my need for "anti-establishment". The feeling of hearing Rebel Music here again is reinforced by the crisp riddims by Macca Dread.

FREE JULIAN ASSANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …………………. lemmi

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