Zeb: Zebstep


Breakdubs The album “The Spy from Cairo” was my discovery in 2012. Oriental melodies played on Oud, Qifteli and Saz combined with such solid music Dubthat I was spontaneously sure: Aradubs roots must be in reggae and Dub lie. The proof of this is now, two years later, with the album Zepstep (Wonderwheel Recordings) by ZEB. Here Moreno Visini, the person behind the pseudonyms who grew up in an Italian gypsy family and now lives in New York, presents his classic Dub-Page. Ten great Dub-Tunes that are characterized by a strong steppers appeal, but go far beyond the stereotypes of the genre. Instead of targeting impact, his Dubs on differentiated listening, instead of stubborn repetition on variety, instead of tech sounds on samples from Arabic music, instead of digital logic on soul and musical spontaneity. His music does not break down into disparate approaches, but rather joins a wonderful flow that unfolds sometimes gently, sometimes powerfully. All in all a classically beautiful, very inspired one DubAlbum that works just as well on Sunday afternoons in the park as it does in the club in Cairo.
Rating 4 stars

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