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Zenzile Remixed

Few succeed: Stylishly between rock and Dub to oscillate - and occasionally mix in electronics or hip hop. Normally, with such a concept, you land confidently between the chairs. That's why I never really took the French band Zenzile seriously and deliberately ignored rock albums like "Elements". Only the “5 + 1” EP series with its reggae focus was worth a look at times. But now the band has a real one between the chairs Dub-Masterpiece delivered: "Zenzile (Remixed)" (ODGProd). It is the remix of her life's work, which spans ten albums and six EPs. The thirteen best and Dub-compatible tracks of your oeuvre, to put them in the hands of an exciting selection of the latest Dub-Coryphae to give (z. B. to the Dub Shepherds, Mahom, Tetra Hydro K, Alpha Steppa, Panda Dub or full Dub). The result is terrific! What an impressive variety of styles. Here the concept "Dub“Really explored - without really going beyond the boundaries of the genre. There are more ideas in every single track than in some complete ones Dub-Album. Incredibly inspired arrangements, motley mix of various musical influences, fat basslines, massive beats, melodies and grooves. The album is the antithesis to hypnotic-minimalist tapas-Dub. I love both, but if I could only take one album with me to a lonely island, it would be “Zenzile Remixed”. You can listen to the album for a whole year without getting bored. Hard to believe that might be the best Dub-Album from last year (published in December and therefore not in mine Dub Top Ten 2019!) Is available for download free of charge from

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Interesting release, but as a Dub I wouldn't let the album get away with it.
Speaking of Zenzile: There is this one hammer track called “Wow” on the “Modus Vivendi” album - nomen est omen ... it brutally beats the listener with an ingenious reggae-rock combo ... highly recommended. "Drive in" as we say in this country :)

"Zenzile Remixed" is exactly one of those albums that the genre "Dub“Still make it tasty and don't let the monotony (in the truest sense) arise. Every track is completely different and the nice thing is that the album grows with every listen. No wonder with this wide range of different tracks - with and without ethnic influences. Although I can't do anything with steppers, I think this form of the "moderate stepper" is simply brilliant.
As you already say, René: “... a real one Dub-Masterpiece ". No wonder with the assembled Dub-Specialists, who certainly wanted to celebrate their French pioneers in reggae, which they did to the fullest. Therefore: Whether Dub- or remix album is secondary for me here.

On “Change”, Jamika's voice reminds me of Little Annie (aka Annie Anxiety; aka Annie Bandez), who joined ON-U in 1992. Sounds released an album entitled "Sweet & Short".

Oh, oh, sometimes I think there's a hidden addiction inside of me, always wanting to be different.
Actually, I once thought I was something of a Zenzile fan. I always have brilliant ones, also on samplers Dubs heard that turn out to be Dubs from Zenzile. Then this awesome live performance with Jamika on DVD DubStory! It really flashed me so much that I thought I needed everything and much more from Zenzile.
Then I checked off a few slices and was quickly sobered up again. From the 5 + 1 series on my ski vacation after après-ski I have one on my balcony with a view of the starry night, on headphones Dub from the “Deep In Dub Playlist ”heard. "Close To Dub“Is the name of the part. Well, after ApresSki I was really filled with beer. When I was standing on my beloved balcony with a view of the universe late in the evening, there was finally “ignition” and my brain lifted, just in time for the start of “Close To Dub“, Same with from. That generated
with me again the urge to move - for outsiders - a bit strange and possibly also a bit "esoteric", which led my feeling to that Dub, let it get out of hand in ecstasy. No problem so far! I had a really great feeling until I noticed that my neighbor was standing next to me the whole time and was smoking one too. I didn't ask her, but I can't get rid of the feeling that she must have been wondering the whole time whether everything is okay with me so far ……………… .. I can tell you, it's still today the most ingenious masterpiece that my brain has ever achieved, to switch to a reasonably rational, normal conversation with my neighbor in this situation.
Yes, but what should I say about this record here? I'm spoiled by Clinton Fearon In Dub and also the Grace Jones Dubs got it for me ...... the sentence is going in the wrong direction ..... So they DubI like the s that I heard before these Zenzile remixes a lot better!
Nevertheless, I also hear ……. if already steppas then something. But basically I have to say that the record hasn't really blown me away yet. Maybe with a second or third run (preferably on my balcony in the Austrian Alps) she would put me in ecstasy with Hopes and Herbes.
I'll put it this way, if I can buy it as a CD or even as a vinyl UNCOMPLICATED (!!!), I'll get it. In any case, it is good enough for that. But if only I could do it again
should stream, it will perish in the infinite stream of data somewhere in the Okawango Delta. Promised !!!

Sometimes I feel superhuman strength. I can just smell the weekend! Mmmmmmmmmh that smells …………………. lemmi

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