Zion Train: Dissident Sound

Zion Train turns 35 this year. This makes the band, the label, the sound system, in short: Neil Perch one of the absolute veterans of the genre. I also remember well a concert organized by Nicolai (Echo Beach) in Cologne in 1994, where I saw Zion Train live for the first time. That same year, Zion Train released the landmark album Siren and signed to the Mayor label (now Warner) shortly thereafter. It was the time when we all believed Dub be on the way to the mainstream. Not even close! And fortunately, as we now know. A sell out would have that Dub robbed of his soul. Long story short: Zion Train is something very special and I'm always very happy about the (rare) releases. Now it's finally that time again. just releasedDissident sound“ (Universal Egg). I suspect that the exceptional quality of Neil Perch's productions is that he Dubs how songs understands and develops. Like a good song, also needs a Dub an idea, a central element that makes it unique. This can be an exceptional bassline, melodic horn sections, an inspired solo instrument, or the like. The melodic aspect is essential. The melody makes it Dub a song-like instrumental piece. And that's Zion Train's specialty. Each album (apart from the early work) is a work of its own character - unmistakable and unique. In addition, of course, there are the necessary virtues of Dub-Production: Inspired instrumentation, clever arrangement, clean craftsmanship (with real instruments), crisp sound, fat bass, more radical Dub-Mix. Why am I listing all this? Because "Dissident Sound" offers all of this in ideal form. I would even go so far as to say that this is one of the best Zion Train albums ever. Like its predecessor "Illuminate", "Dissident Sound" was also recorded in Germany. Paolo Baldini has also contributed bass and guitar again and singer Cara can also be heard on three tracks. The album was recorded entirely with "real" instruments and mixed by Neil with analogue equipment. Even if I'm otherwise an advocate of digital productions, I have to state that "Dissident Sound" benefits massively from the analog and handmade sound - which can also have something to do with the anarcho attitude that the album title and cover so ostentatious represents.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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