Zion Train: Illuminate in Dub

It is now - even if not fresh as a dew - that Dub-Version of the new Zion Train album from last year: "Illuminate in Dub“(Universal Egg). Can a good Zion Train album by one Dub-Reworking get even better? In the case of “Illuminate in Dub“My answer is clear: Yes, it can. Okay, we lose a large part of the consistently good and committed lyrics of the original, but we gain a lot more musical conciseness. That likes about that Dub-Mixdown and better mastering are mainly due to the fact that here - unlike the vocal version - the music changes from "backing" to "fronting". Neil Perch has no deconstruction and minimalist here Dub-Reconstruction operated, but has largely retained the complexity of the tunes. The presence effect only arises from the shift in focus to the music and the more dynamic sound. "Illuminate in Dub“So it's not a reinvention, it's built pretty close to the original - and still better. Especially since the mostly grandiose hooklines of the vocal versions are also in the Dub can be heard.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Hehe, I'll make it short ...

It seems like the chemistry between Neil Perch and me is just not right. As reliable as ever, I don't really get on with this album either.
To me it all sounds - in terms of sound - a bit like when little Oscar knocks around on his tin drum. Nevertheless, reggae is the foundation here and reggae is magic! …… there is no way around it for me. And so I have a few here for reasons that are not rationally explained Dubs found that I can put again in an extra playlist. For me this includes (despite nintendo sound) "Dub Friction ”! I have - I think - already praised it in the vocal version. Here I like the riddim so much that I can confidently overlook all the “ZionTrain inadequacies”. In addition, I may pack "Dub Where "/"Dub Shifter ”and“ Justified Dub“(Justice is always good) and when I have a particularly tolerant day, I might hear myself“ We shall Dub“Again.
Why is he just into this strange sound from the bass. Sounds to me really like a plugged-in casino calculator that didn't go beyond the functions “Plus Minus Mal and Divided”. This is not a development forward, but a step backwards into the first days of "SlengTengCasio". It also sounds much better on the didgeridoo.
(Mind you, all my perception of the facts ;-))

Short and hopefully painless for all ZionTrain symapathisers …………………… lemmi

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