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Zion Train: Versions


And the train to Zion goes forever. Unwaveringly following its track, through sound storms and bass thunderstorms, through infinitely extensive echo spaces and tightly timed loops. Tak, tak, tak, tak - the sleepers stoically set the rhythm. A man at the (control) desk drives the locomotive: Neil Perch. Dub-Veteran of the new era. He has been running the Zion Train for over 25 years, has always remained true to himself and his music and has Dub enriched with countless clever and pioneering productions beyond measure. But Neil Perch doesn't go that far with the new Zion Train album: "versions“(Universal Egg) brings together some outstanding remixes from the last few years - some already released on other albums and EPs, some new. A "best of remix" in a sense. Among the remixers are Steve Vibronics, Dubmatix, Early Worm, Illbilly Itech and Radical Guru - to name just the most prominent ones. The sound is correspondingly diverse: more classic Dub, Hardcore steppers, Dubstep and even drum & bass pass the train window like different landscapes. A highly varied and exciting journey.

Rating 5 stars

3 replies to "Zion Train: Versions"

I thought the CD would have passed you by ;-)

The last Zion Trains were nothing for me, too uninspired, hardly progressive.
Versions are going in the right direction again, even if the multiple remixes are sometimes unnecessary.
Neil Perch can do more than just pure DubHopefully he'll show that again soon.

In my opinion, Neil really knows how to compose good melodies and good riddims. I've always admired that. But sometimes the implementation is a bit too stereotypical for me. I think that he should be a little bolder with the arrangements and the sound. Maybe that's a small flaw that is now being made up for by remixes.


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