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welcome to Dub-Feuilleton. Here you can find over 1000 Dub-Album reviews - more than anywhere else on the internet. All interesting new publications are critically examined here. What is good gets a review.

Goods Dub is layered, complex and not as easily accessible as a song. Dub takes time to develop space and magic. That's why we love the "Long Playing" (LP) format and basically only review here Dub- and instrumental albums and EPs.

Since 2001 René Wynands has been writing for the great Riddim magazine under the title "Dub Evolution «regularly one Dub-Column. Here in dubblog you can find all these texts, from the first to the current issue - and a lot more.

The team of authors also includes Ras Vorbei and Gerhard Thomas Kriz.

While it used to be a matter of giving purchase recommendations and - in order to avoid bad purchases - describing the music verbally as well and objectively as possible, the task of reviews has changed significantly since the music steaming services were established. Because instead of reading cumbersome descriptions, you can simply listen to the album yourself. Therefore, today we are much more concerned with the following four points:

  1. Scouting: To find the pearls for you in the endless stream of releases.
  2. Background information: To give you information about the background of the music and its makers, because knowing about it changes your reception.
  3. Comment: To give you our opinion on the albums - shamelessly subjective.
  4. Discourse: To discuss the music with you. Therefore, write us your thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes in the comments. We love exchanging ideas with you.

Besides Reviews give it to him dubblog also a simple listing of new ones Dub-Releases. This is a service for you. We relieve you of the laborious search for new material. But we only write a review for a few selected releases. We are happy to receive information on new releases that we have overlooked.

You can reach us via the comments or

The dubblog is also available in English. However, the translation is done automatically by Google Translate. We apologize for any involuntarily strangely translated word games ;-).

All blog posts (but not those of the Release Radar) can also be followed on the social web.

We hope that this blog inspires you and that you make exciting musical discoveries here.

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Rene Wynands

Rene Wynands


Designer and lover of everything beautiful. Reggae enthusiast since Marley's "Survival" album. Got addicted to Dub by Scientist and Roots Radics. Has been writing the Dub-Column in the Riddim and since 2008 this blog.

Ras Vorbei

Ras Vorbei


Privateer and self-confessed deadhead, he was influenced by reggae in the early 1970s and a little later by Dub-Virus caught full. Since then the music lover in the middle of the matter - healing has been excluded.

Gerhard Thomas Kriz

Gerhard Thomas Kriz


Conservative supporter of the exquisite resonance application. Instrumentalizes reviews to pedantically question the art of music. Uses "ned so bad anyway" as an expression of ecstatic euphoria.

Cover photo by Irina Iriser

25 replies to “About the dubblog "

Thank you Dubblog. Top vibes. Fantastic Dub Music Gems and great reviews
Mantra Move - Raven Dub album review by Ras Vorbei.
Cuba name has been spelled Cuba. Please can you change it.It should be written as Cuba.
Thank you Ras Vorbei for your time in listening and reviewing.
Your review was full of thoughtful wisdom and truth.
One Love

I have to admit that I started with the slogan “Life is too short for bad Dub“I don't get along so well.
The sentence suggests that it could be bad somewhere Dub give.
I can't find everyone either Dub top class but for me there are only very good ones Dub, good Dub and less good ones Dub.
Bad ones Dub In any case, I haven't heard it yet.

I don't know a slogan that everyone would find great, but there is still “room for improvement” ………. ;-)

Since the DubIf the blog is read internationally, I'd be especially interested in an English saying. Even i can speak enough english
so does everyone else DubHead should understand if I understand.

"Welcome to Echo Chamber"
"A whole lotta Dub“……………………… .. lemmi

I've been up for a while now dubblog-sabbatical and I dedicated myself to my other great love, death metal. But again and again I had to think about how I attended the SLEEP concert in Berlin / SO36; they didn't have an opening act, but one dub-dj !!! and he hung up with a loud volume and bass, unbelievable! Stoner music and Dub so they fit together quite well. I didn't think the concert itself was so cool because the SO36 was really overcrowded, far above the maximum number and if you are in the middle and are moved by the crowd instead of being able to move yourself, FAIL. But to the Dub to come back, in the end it got me dub-dj so triggered that I zm dubblog returned. and what can i say, besides the fact that i think it is actually the only one of its kind in the world? As far as I know, there is something about this blog that other music blogs can only dream of: the sophisticated style and the love for dub are still equally powerful, that dubblog is fresh and interesting as ever. Great! and with the two “new” reviewers (at least for me) there is a very attractive diversity. and the lemmy is still commenting <3 thanks for being around! big love from austria doc ??


These many question marks are meant in exactly the same way.
Time and again I am flabbergasted about the balancing act you can partially manage with your brain.
Wie kann man Dub and love death metal at the same time ?????
I know (knew) many who listen to reggae and punk !!!
"How does it work?" How can you feel something for both when they are so different.
Sex is always a thing on the net, but I can only explain it to myself that there are also people who are bisexual.
I hope that I won't get dissed now or even have to flee into exile.

But I can really only admire such a wide range of musical tastes. At the same time I'm glad that my taste is the way it is, because if I had to check out Death Metal as well, I would get the music overkill
with burn out and complete overwhelm.

I can hardly keep up with it ……………… lemmi

(... and the lemmi is still commenting ;-))

Thank you Doc for your kind words!

@ lemmi: I also need completely different music for "cleaning the ear canal" and sometimes intelligent texts for the brain. That's why I have a Morrissey playlist and one by Mary Chapin Carpenter. So I can understand Doc's preference for Death Metal very well.

As for the people ... fortunately they are not black and white, but colorful and shimmering in all their variations. This relates to skin color, gender, sexual identities and a lot more. Fortunately, binary only takes place on the computer.

Hi Doc,

Thank you very much for your appreciative, appreciative words Dubblog related. Always nice to get such feedback.
Loosely adapted from Emerson Lake & Palmer, I call out to you: "Welcome Back My Friend To The Blog That Never Ends."

Stay tuned ...

hahaha yes i hope so. I always need suitable reading material for my music! And there is Dub yes, very dark, I have all the highly intellectual explanatory books anyway, but feel like reading DUB I don't get to hear any of them: DI even thought about that dubmaking log as a pdf for my tablet, but it was too exhausting for me (typically stoner)

dear @gtkriz, dear lemmy! these words come from the heart: D for me as a person who is very troubled professionally with social networks, your blog feels so "analog", that is wonderful and very comforting: D @lemmy: so "music" as a whole has me as a child already attracted. my father (rip) was always very interested in all forms of music, and somehow he passed that on to me. and as a moderator, editor, music journalist and current stoner festival co-organizer, i'm exposed to a wide variety of musical styles every day: D but my interests are actually very "diverse": D i have been an enthusiastic metalhead for many years, co-moderator at orf in vienna a metal broadcast called “house of pain” since 2000 :-) in the 1990s i was on the road with my pseudonym as an electronic musician i released a little something on the viennese label mego. and then i'm quite a classical nerd from my dad: D mainly late romanticism (which extends into the 20th century) and french impressionism. jo and every now and then it has to be jazz, or krautrock or psychedelic music, which lives on wonderfully in bands like holy wave. : D and currently again dubhead: D somehow none of that is a problem for me, because i'm obsessive about CREATIVITY: D but: i also appreciate the access of listeners like you lemmy very much. i have known your comments for many years and when you write about a release, you have listened to it carefully and you have the gift of describing these experiences very nicely. So every access is good, mainly you are concerned with something wonderful like good MUSIC: D

This is just fun now (for appearances ;-))

In general and rationally my last sentence for today is of course nonsense.
But in DubBlog and as an addict I just have to "take a clear stand"!

For me everything is now except reggae and Dub Waste of time, although of course I like a tune on the radio every now and then.

I'm just wondering if I should really send this off ......

Question answered …………… lemmi


I tick like Doc Dub/ Reggae would be a bit too little for me musically in the long run. One and the same music around the clock, that doesn't work at all. As a child in the 60s / 70s, I was influenced by many different styles of music. I still need my dose of West Coast, Psychedelic, Krautrock, Ethno to name a few. I also absolutely need diversity, otherwise it'll get too boring for me.
But: "Everyone according to their own style."

hahaha, on fb I always write it in French in certain cases: “chacun à son goût” I always copy from gugl you then seem so intuited or as that means: DI am also a child of the 70s (born 1967) and so I really want to advertise, but you might like my podcast? also recently made a krautrock mixtape:
you can also find the electric stoner here:

You are my doc!

I'll make it short and say, if Peter Tosh had reggaemylitis, then I have a reggaeDub-Full body carcinoma !!! I always hope that it is benign myself.
But when I do reggaeDub should die, it will be a fine death for sure.
Anyway, I don't have time right now, but I want to get rid of that.
I don't need anything else because I'm in reggae /Dub for every mood that I know I have at least one disc up my sleeve.
For my standard feeling there are roots and Dub in the "serious style" from Bob Marley to
Dub Syndicate. If I'm a little too angry at it, I like to listen to a Prince Far I or a LInton Kwesi Johnson a la "Smash the Brains In, because they aint got nothing care" (don't know exactly whether that's so is right but it makes sense to me). In connection with beer, it can also be an Ari Up and if I'm - for my circumstances - really "crazy" on it, Audio Active and African Head Charge are just the thing. Or, like yesterday the DJ Spooky "Dubtometry “!!! In the mix with Hopes and Herbes, this album always brings a big grin on my face. Teckhaed can also be just the right thing at the right moment.
Yes, and I also have a very soft pear and I feel very tender. Then I really enjoy listening to Stick Figure. And even a maxi priest can still give me goose bumps here and there.
Yes, and so on and so forth. Reggae has everything I need and much more besides.
Reggae stands for good lyrics, criticism of the system, sincere belief and constant self-reflection ……. and of course the ultimate groove that was there before the big bang. As you can see, it really got me.

In any case, I didn't invent the job, but unfortunately I still have to go there urgently.

Until ………………… lemmi

I spend 70 percent of the time I listen to music Dub. For the remaining 30 percent, however, I need variety. There are also phases when I really don't feel like heavy basslines - hard to believe. In other phases it has to be exactly that. By the way: The world of music holds too many discoveries and great listening experiences to just be "at home" at Dub to stay.


I also really like “At home you are” by Annen May Kantereit.

But I like “Homegrown In My Backyard” by Culture 1000 and 1 times better. “Take Five” by the Dave Brubeck Quartet was really good, but it only became “High Grade” through reggae and Rico Rodrigues.

It's okay, I can understand you intellectually, but my gut feeling
want my unreserved enthusiasm for reggae and Dub spread.

I didn't want to annoy, I'm going to work again ;-)

Until …………………… lemmi

dear lemmi, I like to say it again: you are great the way you are! please stay like this (you can't help it anyway;)) but whether you believe it or not: like me again dubone of my first thoughts was: “whether the lemmi is still commenting?” because your point of view was always very interesting for me. and i love nerds (obsessive fans). with metal there is also one or the other :-) the difference: you are also open to other musical philosophies, you don't condemn them but say, it's different with me. in metal it is so that one immediately acts aggressively if one dares to have a different attitude. I've been involved in this circus professionally for 20 years and I still think to myself: there is hardly any other genre of music where narrow-mindedness is seen as a virtue. everyone is just afraid there, afraid of the real life with "real" feelings etc.

70% with Dub It's about right for me... the remaining 30% is definitely reggae for me... I used to listen to a lot of jazz and funk, acid jazz and also rock... the older I get (I'm also a child of the 70s), the more I just listen still Dub & Reggae... and I never get bored, really, I'm once again at lemmi and find the right riddim for every emotional state. In the end I just like the vibe and the message...
On the other hand, I have to admit that I make quite a lot of music and never actually reggae or Dub (few exceptions prove the rule)...perhaps this is the balance for me that many have emphasized in the comments above...

I have to emphasize again: this is such a peaceful, creative haven here. I am always very calm when reading! It's all about the thing, the reviews are never aggressive or addictive! yes and an incomparable treasure trove of valuable knowledge that you can casually catch on. then when dubnewbie, i only worked with your tips - amazing when you hear king tubby or lee perry for the first time! : D

Just what I needed! An informative, honest, didactic and opinionated guide to all things dub! Just started devouring the texts, and will keep doing so, in order to develop my understanding of a genre I've fallen in love with just a few years ago. Thank you for providing guidance, dubblog!

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