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We all love the sound of Lee Perry's Black Ark studio. While Tubby that Dub-Mixing invented the dark-mystical atmosphere of Dub Perry merit. There is nowhere better to inhale this atmosphere in absolute pure culture than in instrumental Black Ark productions such as those on the album “Black Ark in Dub“(VP) can be heard. Originally released in 1981, the album contains recordings that were made shortly before the sinking of the black ark. Underneath Dubs from such iconic pieces as "Jah Love is Sweeter", "Ethiopia", "Lion a De Winner" and "Open the Gate". Also included: "Guidance", a piece that Jah Shaka used for a long time as a sound system killer. The CD version of the publication offers with "Black Ark, Vol. 2“Another bonus disc - available on the streaming services as a standalone album - featuring mostly vocal tracks, also from the golden, late Black Ark era. These two albums are of outstanding quality - especially the fantastic ones Dubs and songs have all been freshly remastered and now sound better than ever before.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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High gtkriz!

Now I have to briefly come out as "stupid".

“Brothers where art thou?” A nice film, I think, but I've never understood the title. Maybe because I always think they have made a mistake and actually wanted to ask, "Brothers where are you?"
I don't get this “where art thou” in the slightest in my head for any form of translation.

Could you or anyone else put an end to my suffering?

What do you mean by that ? Has the new remastered version lost the bass boom?

My disc (by the way in clear vinyl / proudly pat on your shoulder)
has enough bass anyway. Was one of the discs right from the start, where I think of mine
Parents always got pissed off because their living room closet rattled so loudly when it was in my children's room.

Greetings ………………… .. lemmi

Now I had to wait almost 40 years to find out what this album, which was already very obscure at the time, was all about. Released by Scratch's ex-wife Aisha Morrison, the album was actually a bootleg, as it was originally released without Lee Perry's knowledge. Nevertheless: A really amazing album from the "end times" of Black Ark.

Well, something is going on here!

I did not expect that this album would be discussed again. It's always obscure and that's how I want it Dub also basically always have. Obscure and surreal !!! Who could do it better than Lee "Scratch" Perry himself ?! It must have been one of the few albums that I got to know practically with their release without any delays and that I got into my possession. I'll sprinkle the provocative sentence here: “If you don't know this album, don't bother with me Dub to entertain". If someone doesn't like it or can't do anything with it, I can only say "keep it to yourself" or listen to Uk Steppers. I do not care ! This disc is one of the reasons why I got this DubVirus grabbed it back then. A milestone in terms of things Dub and thus also a milestone in terms of music in general. A very big reason why Lee “Scratch“ Perry became a living (yeah!) Legend, music - and of course DubProducers to this day try to emulate and still fail. Lee Perry has a lot of good ones Dubs and generally produces a lot of good music but for me this disc is the best of the best of the best !!! …… .. as you can easily read “between” my lines.
“Jah Love Is sweeter” is a reason for me to always stay at home, because it is not necessary to fly far away to see something of the world. Lee “Scratch“ Perry brings the jungle right into our living room. And all of that without palm oil plantation !!!
"Lioin A De Winner" is one of those riddims that are in no way inferior to the CussCuss. And when Max Romeo was playing Live and Direct in Dortmund once, his band was able to bring the riddim and what felt like the Perry sound exactly across. I was so close to positive madness that it could almost have been dangerous for me. A bit like when you can't and don't want to come back from a trip.
And when I heard “JAH JAH give us Guidence now” for the first time, I felt like every sound system that was just killed by JAH Shaka. Only that it probably felt a lot better for me than for the respective sound system, which was just condemned to pack its things and "left the building".

Yes, dear René, you really had to get a pretty old but very well hung and well seasoned ham from Treasure Island so that I would be 100% yours again
Opinion. Even if I tried to put a little bit of enthusiasm on top ;-)

"Don't Kill The Lion" ……. "I saw the Elephants today" ………………………. lemmi

Actually we have to be grateful to Pauline “Aisha” Morrison for releasing this album back then. Scratch seems to have been completely beside himself at the time. I've already written it somewhere: For me, the new German was a burnout that Lee Scratch Perry was currently suffering from. Too much at once, too much rum, too much ganja, too much frustration with the record industry (Blackwell). Far too little positive feedback for his masterpieces. This creeping process has manifested itself very gradually. Today we know that at that time, almost inhuman quality came out of the Black Ark. Towards the end of the Black Ark, LSP is said to have worked almost around the clock. Just what pearls he produced in the period from 1976 to 1979 - madness. At the height of his career, Perry pulled the emergency brake and unfortunately torched the Black Ark Studio. Allegedly he is said to have been walking backwards for months and babbling confused vampire stuff through Kingston - maybe just legend.
My alltime favorite is among many others: "Return Of The Superape".

And another recommendation: "Lion Zion: Reggae In America" ​​a completely weird, relatively unknown album. The album, recorded in just one day, was released on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the founding of the USA. Great, critical and ironic texts about the then current situation in the USA. That is LSP: It is never predictable.

Yes, Ras Vorbei !

Rum and Ganja! The deepest “scratch” cannot take that. You may have to go into this "darknet of the brain" to find exactly these almost "inhuman" creations. Most people do not want to and cannot move that far out or that deep in and therefore have no hearing at all, let alone a feel for their creations.
The man also has his abysses. Sometimes I would like to cut him off because he not only throws out a lot of text in the form of a “talking machine”, but also utters pretty confused stuff on top of that. Maybe it just seems like that to us softened westerners. I don't care, if he “babbles” too much I skip to the DubVersion and my world is fine again.

"The City Is Too Hot, So A Man Have To Cool I, Up On The Hill Top" ……… ..

also a “MegaTuneAvantgardeEventHorizonOverSpill” …………………… .. lemmi

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