DubBlestandart: Marijuana Dreams

Joy: another new album by Dubblestandart: "Marijuana Dreams" (Collision / Groove Attack). This is now the twelfth and barely a year behind the last, rightly acclaimed “Return From Planet” Dub". The Viennese guys really have bumblebees up their asses. They just want to play! And you can hear that in their music too. Because most of the programmed, synthetic ones Dub-Music of our days, the four-piece combo sets itself apart with its virtuoso, hand-played sound. A sound, by the way, that often reminds me of Adrian Sherwood's style of the 1990s. It's an urgent, fast, and in a way even aggressive sound that can't deny its proximity to industrial. Powerful beats, peppered with vocal scraps from illustrious guests like Lee Perry or David Lynch - with which “Marijuana Dreams” seamlessly ties in with the previous album, because some of the tracks like z. B. the Jean Michel Jarre remix or Perry's “I Do Voodoo” and “Chase The Devil” come from the planet Dub and are fired again at the assembled audience in a remixed form. If you add the four bonusDubVersions, then the collection of new material with seven pieces turns out to be reasonably clear - but this should not be understood as a negative criticism, because with Dub the remix is ​​known to be a virtue. Which brings us to the second quality of the Viennese, namely theirs Dub-Mixing skills. They do that really well. Your Dubs have a good dramaturgy, are variedly instrumented, quite lavishly arranged and peppered with many FX and samples. It's not exactly minimalism - but I wouldn't enjoy playing the tracks myself first, only to then strip them to drum & bass. However, I enjoy the few but outstanding vocal tunes. While Dubblestandart knew how to cut the non-stop blabbering of Mr. Scratch to small vocal snippets, two “real” singers or deejays appear in their marijuana dreams: Anthony B and Elephant Man. I have to admit, I'm not really into Elephant Man Dubblestandart-Sound could have imagined - but has to admit that Ele is a really good service provider and that the Viennese have a perfectly fitting song for them Dub-Beats made. Anthony B is even a touch better. Then there is David Lynch, who is more of a marketing gag than a real vocalist. It's cool though Dubstep remix of his "song", fabricated by the New York Subatomic Sound System, which closes the album. In conclusion, let's summarize: album = good!