Paradise Dub Connection: Outtanational Steppa's Mixtape Vol. 2

Finally arrived: The second stage of Tropical's musical world tour DUB Connection, “Outtanational Steppa's Mixtape Vol. 2“ is completed. Another fascinating one Dub-Album that picks up seamlessly from its predecessor. Like Vol. 1, it weaves musical influences from many styles of global pop and traditional "world music" with the powerful sound of Dub. A kaleidoscopic experience that takes us on a sound journey around the world. The collection of diverse styles and musical cultures ranges from Argentina to Cuba, Portorico, Jamaica, Great Britain, USA, Kenya, Nigeria, Mali, India, Turkey and the Republic of Tuva. Each of these countries contributes its harmonies, instruments, rhythms and melodies that are here Dub be merged. The album is a truly global journey and a unique auditory experience. From the meditative sounds and songs of the Indian subcontinent with instruments such as santoor, sarangi, bansuri flute, shenai, sitar and tanpura, to the pulsating African balafon, kora, ngoni and tribal voices to modern Afrobeats. The musical diversity is extensive. And there's more of it: Southern country blues, Argentine tango and the oriental vibes of the Turkish baglama, the Alaturka violin and the Mey flute. All of these elements create an impressive mosaic of sounds and rhythms that allows us listeners to delve deeply into the cultural essence of each culture. Sound too eclectic? It may be that a few instruments, rhythms and harmonies do not do justice to a complex musical culture. But this is not about the portrait of specific musical traditions, but rather about the creation of a global sound under the sign of Dub. We acoustically fly over regions, countries and even entire continents within a few minutes. What we realize is that the whole world is full of fascinating music beyond our limited horizons. What there is to discover! The album is not only an impressive musical achievement, but also a testament to the power of music to overcome barriers and bring cultures together. The blend of traditional and modern sounds creates a bridge between past and present, East and West, providing a captivating listening experience that celebrates the earth's cultural richness. Despite its diversity, “Outtanational Steppas Mixtape Vol. 2” remains one in its essence Dub-Album. The production is superb, and the mix manages to weave the diverse sounds into a harmonious whole. The journey the album offers is not only entertaining but also enlightening and inspiring. It invites you to experience the world through your ears and enjoy the universal language of music.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Thank you René, Tropical hits me DUB Connection again and again from the stool and I feel this multicultural mega mix with every pore of my body... You mention many special instruments and music styles, which I unfortunately don't really know how to classify, resp. can assign. If you ever have the time and muse, I would be happy about concrete descriptions of which instruments or musical styles you hear in which song/piece... but it is clear to me that this almost borders on a musical doctoral thesis.
In this respect it is also okay to enjoy and feel the sounds without clear knowledge. That's the nice thing about music - you can switch off your intellect at times.

Not always, but more and more often it's better if you don't know anything or only very little. In my opinion, life is better if you don't know anything about a comet that is crashing massively and destructively towards the earth.
I feel the same way about deadly diseases but what kind of funny movie am I in right now...... ? I don't care about deadly diseases (yet).
What I want to say is that I can live with it wonderfully if I don't know exactly which instrument I'm so enraptured at.
(ok, I “almost” always recognize the saxophone, although I have sometimes mistaken an alto saxophone for an oboe or clarinet……. but psssst, nobody here should know that).
I don't necessarily need to know where which style comes from. If the whole world is acoustically flown over here, it is very certain that you will hear a lot of strange sounds. This is exactly what has always made me very happy when listening to music. I like it when it sounds foreign or strange. Greetings to the Strange Parcels at On .U Sound ;-) and to everyone who Dubcarried music to the farthest corners of the earth. Dub is the strangest kind of music I have ever encountered. It is the strange and the superficially hidden that makes this music so fascinating for me. But of course everything has its limits. A free jazz Dubalbum would also make my musical horizon disappear behind an all-destroying mushroom cloud.
And …….. this is really not meant to be a criticism of the review, but who or what is behind Tropical Dub Connection hides, I still don't know ;-)
Or will DubMusic already mostly produced by some AI's anyway?!?

Greetings…………………… lemmi

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