Philipp Greter: Logic Chaos

"Dub“Is no longer a clear genre name. While we understand this to mean instrumental reggae peppered with sound effects, there are people who think “Dub“To ambient or deconstructing minimal tech house. It's crazy that sounds so different have the same genre name. But you can usually tell from the cover which one Dub-Category is meant. The cover of Philipp Greter's album “Logic chaos“Is in any case not clear. Neither reggae nor techno. And listen: the music is not that easy to assign either. Sometimes we have to do with a reinterpretation of Kruder & Dorfmeister and sometimes with the most beautiful offbeats. Philipp said laconically: “On the side, maybe that's something for them Dub-Scene, for people who want something experimental ”. But that doesn't make things any clearer either. Why am I even discussing the album here? Because Philipp is the keyboardist and producer of Dub Spencer & Trance Hill is. He's the Swiss Dub- Primeval rock par excellence. And in Logic Chaos you can hear with every note that the man is his Dub knows inside and out. Everything grooves, swings, echoes and vibrates as it should. There is nothing wrong with the bass either. And yet no sound system in the world would put on the album. So we do it, at home, on the sofa, and immerse ourselves in the finely chiseled soundscapes, listening analytically with our heads while the bass massages our bowels. Incidentally, the album was produced with the Apple software “Logic Pro” and an effects device called “Chaos Pad”. Interesting right? Also has something to do with the name.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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High René!

You are entangling me again in a web of contradictions on my part. A few days ago I wrote that the International Observer was slowly boring me, because it might be too ambientDub power. And now you have this disk around my ears. I don't know yet whether this will Dub maybe bored in a few years, but at the moment and especially now, I'm thrilled! Since I also have ears for great techno (whatever that is) I like “Fire” best at the moment. I don't like “Sofasounds” at all because I can't see a groove there, or because I don't like the groove there. Everything else is really cool too, but overall I'm not sure whether I am primarily too blinded by the sound, because the sound is just OVERWHELDING here!
In any case, I am one of those people who like to want something experimental. It is always important that something interesting comes out at the end, and it seems to me that a very good researcher was experimenting here. Right now I am noticing that "Forest Groove" is my thing too ...... Wait a minute ...... .. I have to press the Rewind button for a moment ...... Yo! That grooves !!!
So nothing for bad guys ……… .. I like the "shit" ………. but right !

Forest Groove, I'll do it again! ………………. lemmi

Chilled album in the direction of rhythm & sound ... I would let it run as background music while reading.
By the way, there's a new, fine Mato album: “Classical Dub"(Noun est omen)

I discovered the album today too. I like it very much. There are a few more exciting releases, but I won't discuss them until later:
The Nextmen vs. Gentleman's Dub Club: Dub versions
Cookie Ranks: Digital Dub Clash
Hermit Dubz: Pursuit of Balance
Vibronics: Dubs on a mission

And then there is - on the subject of “Classical Dub“: Uly E. Neuens, Op'ra Dub.


The Next Men / GDG release is fine, everything else is too digital for me.
Porsche Dub: I can't stand the singing.


I don't think I go to opra dub can make a good comment.

Opera singing is “torture” to my ears. If only it didn't work, it would still be ok, but opera is minus.

So much in advance ……………… lemmi

High gtkriz!

Rhythm & Sound! I searched for this name in my head for about half an hour, but in my head it generally looks too often as if the cover had been photographed straight out of my head.

Ok, on to Mato ……………… lemmi

Also good again!
Mato can't make bad music. I like everything about him ……. what i know.
Nice crisp riddims and always a dangling into completely different realms. Be it film music (if I only think of Star Wars, wonderful) or just like here with small borrowings from the field of classical music. Always worth a slice ……………. lemmi

Mato probably comes closest to the classic Roots Radics / Junjo Lawes sound. Outstanding production, I would almost affectionately call it.

Well, I have to get rid of it now. We're talking about really good ones again at the moment Dub-Schiben and René already gave a glimpse into the future. My top favorite in things Dub is currently and across many time zones the “spirit Dub“From Almamegretta. I noticed the name of Almamegretta here and there on samplers, but nothing flashed me as much as this record. Let me take the liberty of quoting the comment from irie-ites:
“The mix of the album is characterized by effect mannerisms that do not believe in restraint and minimalism. Splendid, both artificial and organic-sounding effects adorn their sound, which is clearly inspired by Adrian Sherwood - in a way, you can be kind of turbo-charged here Dub Talk to Syndicate. The "Music Evolution" recorded with Lee Scratch Perry, with this pounding beat and strong groove, could very well come from the album "Time X Boom De Devil". "

No restraint, no minimalism and clearly inspired by Adrian Sherwood. Paolo Baldini also appears here again and shows what he can do.

This leads to only one kaotically logical conclusion:

Lemmi is thrilled !!!

I apologize to Philip Greter for overshooting the mark here ……………. lemmi

Got to the Almamegretta again Dub- Belongs in albums. Imo tried to scrape together the best of the new Echo Beach compilation, but the tracks sometimes seem to me to be deliberately sophisticated (e.g.Dub Paper Box ”) and then I feel bored. The regular Dub- Almamegretta albums ripple along, now and then it glitters (“Music Evolution”), otherwise it drifts into Bill Laswell's arbitrariness. Who likes it ...

Only now do I hear the Almanegretta and what can I say lemmi, thanks for the tip it is absolutely high quality. I fly in bed and enjoy that everything turns, to the music. Music to dance barefoot in the mud at 34 ° or to toast the barefoot dancers out of the hammock with a 1l PET bottle of the finest cool Cuba Libre in hand.

Sound and mix also get a good rating, but I'm too through for fine-grained comments. keep on rollin baby.

Let's see, maybe it's the other way around for me.
So far I didn't care about Almamegretta, but with this record I was already enthusiastic about the intro of the intro, i.e. from the first note. As an old On.U-Sound fan, I can't get out of my skin. I also find Bill Laswell boring. Although there are quite a few recordings with Style Scott that I can't even hear on Youtube anymore because they have been removed from the program. But Style Scott may have played him the basslines beforehand. The record I was able to buy is completely boring, although Style Scott is there too.

Cheers …………. lemmi

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