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Various Artists Glitterbeat: Dubs & Versions 1


The title of the album piqued my curiosity: Glitterbeat: Dubs & Versions (Glitterbeat). World music is after Dub my second great passion - how brilliant when an album promises to combine both. A look at the tracklist turned curiosity into pure greed: Dennis Bovell and Mark Ernestus (Rhythm & Sound) were listed as remixers alongside six other names. So: play! Dennis Bovell's remix of the Malian singer Samba Touré then started. A great, ultra-slow piece, characterized by typical Malian vocal harmonies and underlaid by Bovell with a sluggishly rolling bassline and scattered offbeats. What a start! Mark Ernestus has made an Afrobeat recording of Ben Zabo. No trace of reggae anymore, just a few reverb effects left on Dub think. With his rhythm and sound productions in mind, I had promised myself something else. The next remix comes from Schneider TM, who used the same material as Bovell, but came to an absolutely contrary result. His track is characterized by a strongly syncopated electro sound and distorted vocals. Next track is a remix by Shangaan electro producer Tamala. Like Bovell, he gave the original his favorite beat - in his case, Shangaan. I like this new style from South Africa very much - although it is with me Dub & Versions doesn't have much to do. And another great track: Harmonius Thelonius presents a fusion of fast electronic dance music and Afrobeat. Here, too, the question arises: why under the heading "Dubs & Versions “? We have a paradoxical situation here: I am reviewing an Africa Sounds Remix album because I was told the fraudulent label "Dubs & Versions “- but I think the album is so good that I can't bring myself to delete the lyrics. I want you guys Dub- Enthusiasts out there, so warmly recommend them. It doesn't always have to Dub be - even if it says it.

Rating 4 stars

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Yes, with this disc I (or I?) Itch in my fingers to comment. Could turn into a policy discussion on the definition of Dub degenerate. I think the title is entirely appropriate, especially since it comes with a flawless one Dub by Dennis Bovell and also (I think) Track No.6 is also by or with Dennis Bovell and of course not only because of that a very cool one Dub. Right "dubI think that's big too Dubwhere the song is so distorted (or changed) with autotune that it sounds as if it comes through a hole in the throat with the appropriate medical device. At first I always got a little sore throat connected with throat cancer paranoia, but the atmosphere was that of it Dub in my apartment or elsewhere is simply common DUB-Atmosphere and thus pure expansion of horizons.
Ok, the definition of DubThe way I see it, I'll leave it out for now. Only that much : Dub for me is primarily an atmosphere that triggers a very special feeling. Dub so it's just a feeling. Basically, it doesn't even need a reverb or an echo (but please don't come without it), the riddims can also come from anywhere else (for example, they do Little Ax Dub out of blues !!! Great and fantastic), the main thing is that it feels Dub at. You either have this feeling or you just don't. Ok, I notice myself that I am not really getting to the point ... Dub for me is mainly limitless. It overcomes borders in the head, borders between different musical styles and preferably also the borders between the countries of the world. The space itself is also becoming limitless and can no longer be defined so easily by length times width times height. And the tunes on Glitterbeat, which are no longer for me either Dub feel, are the versions that appear in the title of the disc. "Dubs and Versions “… .. already fits …………. lemmi

Well, the definition of Dub It's not that easy. But I actually think Neil Perch's attempt was quite successful: "Dub is psychedelic reggae - deconstructed and reinterpreted by the mixing engineer. "Can be read here in context:


Hehe, yo exactly. Dub is something like zero in physics. An undefined state, something like the event horizon…. the infinity, the scholars cannot understand it at all.
Psychedelic reggae isn't bad either. But that is what Neil Perch from Zion Train is saying, surprises me, because in Zion Train I all too often miss the psychological part. I think Zion Train is okay too, but overall that's too steppa-like for me. I think there is nothing more boring than steppas-dub made in England and that's exactly what the "Dubscene against the most. The French are far more imaginative. If I only think of High Tone, where I get such images in my head that I really don't have to watch a movie anymore. I can think of an additional definition:


... .. and as the upsetter liked to emphasize: Dub is sex / sex is Dub !

Don't come across as if only I knew what Dub is. I have them DubConference read and have to say, you are all right and it is true.

happy greetings ………………… .. lemmi

“The zero in physics. An undefined state, something like the event horizon “- that's an original definition. I find it good.


I'm writing this down here because it just has to be.

At the gtkriz inna Deep In Dub Today I only have the “Organic Dub Vol. 1 ”discovered by Roots Inspiration. What a great stuff!

Even if you can't write a review for every “disc”, you can at least on the World Wide DubBlog will not be forgotten, this "disc"
to sit on the throne. And BandCamp has two bonus tracks, which is especially good for “Wire Fence Dub"/" Wire Dubbing "or" Mash The Fence Dub"
really paid off again.
Even better than Pickout All Stars !!!

Sorry but I'm so excited about these Dubs, I just had to get rid of the ma.

"Dub Defense Is No Offence "…………………… .. lemmi

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